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Labor Law Violations in the Workplace

As employers cut corners, trying to squeeze more work from their employees, an increasing number of employees are finding longer hours for no additional pay and labor law violations. This is affecting many types of professional employees, as well as hourly workers. Employers are misclassifying employees in the reason to not pay you overtime and avoid paying additional taxes.

Representing Employees from:

Whistleblower – Sexual Harassment – Wrongful Termination – Government Employees

If you believe you have been the victim of unfair employment practices such as misclassification, discrimination, our a whistleblower, wrongful termination in the workplace, there are remedies available to you. Stephen Danz & Associates is an El Darado County Employment lawyer representing employees for damages they’ve received while at work. We work to preserve your employment when possible, or to get justice for you in court if you have been wrongly fired. Our network of attorneys across the state of California makes us the largest plaintiff employment lawyer representing employees. We stand to bring all our employee victim clients justice for the damages they’ve encountered while in the workforce.

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A Trusted Employment Lawyer– Representing Employees & Never Employers 

For more than 30 years, Stephen Danz has been representing employees across the state of California. He has been recognized in magazines such as Attorney at Law , and a member of local BAR associates throughout the state of California as a leading employment lawyer.

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Protect Your Rights

You have rights in the workforce, whether in a white collar job or not you have rights you need to be aware of in case of any unfair employment practice. Contact Stephen Danz & Associates for a review of your legal situation and for strong and effective representation if you are a victim of workplace harassment, discrimination, labor law wage and hour violations, or whistleblower claims.

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