Elements To Consider Before Freelancing


Of late, freelancing is a popular career choice and more people are resorting to it for a living. Companies are also relying on these professionals for the associated economical factor and an easy to manage workforce. Freelancing generally forms the secondary source of income and people tend to take it as a side business along with full-time employment.  Working independently full-time is a daunting task though and requires an analysis of pros and cons before approaching this way. It also has a brighter side that if tapped properly then would lead to prolific career growth.

Before considering a career in freelance, you need to evaluate yourself based on the following parameters:

  • Self-driven and self-motivated: this is the toughest skill that you need to have or acquire over time if you want to achieve success as a freelancer. In a full-time employment, you are entitled and answerable to a manager or a leader. But in this job category you are all by yourself. At times when you feel low in confidence or become unproductive then you have to motivate your own self to go above work stress and to hold on to your enthusiasm. You need to cultivate the drive to search for clients, network, adhere to deadlines and askpayment on time.

A lot of professionals initially exhibit a lot of excitement and enthusiasm but with time it fizzes out. You have to self-introspect and discipline learning to be your own boss. The drive should be there throughout your career.

  • Cash is valued more than employee benefits:you might earn a hefty pay, but you will not have the privilege of getting a health insurance or conveyance allowance or any employee related benefits. The freelancers might demand a high hourly rate for their job, but they do not have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits. Even you have to find ways to save your own tax.
  • Flexible and not bothered about a secured lifestyle: These self-dependent professionals have a flexible lifestyle which they plan according to their own engagements. They work on projects depending on their availability. They can approach any way they prefer to complete the work by the stipulated deadline. They can make more money in a short span of time as their income is dependent on cracking deals with new clients and extract more projects from the existing ones. You will be encountered with unstable schedules and at times disorganized lifestyle which you need to tolerate. Hence, not everyone is made for a freelance job specifically people who have a rigid daily routine.
  • If you want a career transformation: feel stuck in a wrong career? Have realized your dreams and want to make a move? Freelancing is the easiest way to explore your passionate career path and make the movement effortlessly. This will help you with the initial steps so that you can be well-equipped to make a full-time career in the industry.
  • When you are a factotum: if you are a master in a plenty of skills and quickly imbibe new knowledge and acumen then you might consider going for freelancing. If you are multi-talented then you are crafted for this job.
  • When you hate the structured growth: the corporate world is full of hierarchical structures and growth happens only when you gain the required experience. You expertise is judged with your experience. Though the corporates boast of flat structures yet the structures were and will be an integral part. If you dislike being wrapped up in such a structure then working independently would be apt for you. You do not have to work under anybody. You can be the sole leader and move ahead with your projects.
  • When you are interested in creating your own team: if you have a group of like-minded people to get associated with then you need not to worry about making an extra effort to build strong interpersonal relationships with your teammates. You will be happy to work with your peers.
  • You are an avid traveler and loves working at nights: The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is to manage your time in your own way. Though it also requires discipline. Managing time smartly would leave you enough space for traveling and expeditions.

Therefore, there are myriad benefits of freelancing. You need to be passionate about your work and have the faith to shine in this industry.