Eligibility Of Canada Family And Spouse Visa – Real Factors To Know

Eligibility Of Canada Family And Spouse Visa – Real Factors To Know

Good words fall without breaks when writing about Canada. Yes, Canada is such an amazing destination in the world to live and work. Countless people from different parts of the world fly to Canada every year through several visa programs. With reputed business organizations, educational institutions and tourist destinations Canada assure handsome job and high level living standards for both national and international residents. There is no doubt once the man step in to the world, the first people of preference is the family. Yes, you never love to stay away from them for long time. If you love to bring your spouse to Canada, then this is the right time.

The Best Visa Program

You can make use of family visa program to bring your better half and children to Canada. This is a type of sponsor program. There are eligibility criteria for Canada family who sponsor and for the spouse who need visa.

Eligibility of Sponsor

As a sponsor your age should be above 18 years and you should be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. Sponsor should have the financial ability to support and help the sponsored family in the initial period of stay. The initial period can vary from 3 to 10 years based upon the relationship.

Keep in mind that if you have made any earlier sponsorships and the person you sponsored have asked for financial support with Canadian Government, then you are ineligible to make further sponsors.

Eligibility Of The Spouse

Spouse should have age above 19 years and must have legally married or common law relationship. Spouse should possess valid marriage certificate issued by provincial government or sate territory if the marriage takes place in Canada. In case of outside Canada marriages, spouse should have valid marriage certificate issued as per the Country law. Spouse should be free from any of the offenses and criminal convictions and not to suffer from any severe health condition.

Eligibility of Child

Child should be less than the age of 22 and don’t have common law partner or spouse. If your child is above 22 years, then there are two conditions that help him or her to get visa. Either the candidate should engage in full time study or should financially dependent on parents before and up to 22 years.

If your son or daughter have spouse before turning 22, then he or she should be fully engaged in study or financially depend on parents since they have become common law partner or and spouse.

You can also apply visa for the child above 22 years, if she or he is financially dependent on parents for the reason of mental or physical conditions.

Now It Is The Time Apply

Now it is the time to apply for Canada family visa. It is better to get the professional help and support from international immigration service provider to make your proceedings fast. They will help you to meet all the legal formalities and to speed up the procedure.

It is really impossible to wait further to bring your spouse to Canada.