Email To SMS – Robust Mobile Technology Still Winning

With the expansion of social media in regards to digital marketing, and the importance it brings to the industry both referral and social awareness, its often seen as a more effective method than email marketing. A method once very popular email marketing has taken more of second roll as it is often mistaken for spam or junk mail and seldom has the desired effect intended.

However the advantage email marketing still has is its personalisation, reach and cost effectiveness. In addition to this the added potential of SMS marketing is somewhat overlooked, it is a very useful tool and is a method that is on the rise. Useful email to sms products and services give you the option of both email marketing and sms marketing, from the same account.

The advantages of an email to sms service doesn’t just apply to marketing, it also holds great internal communication benefits, having mobile communication with all employees simply from one account, allows you to keep staff up to date with incidents such as travel, delays and announcements.

Common features regarding email to sms products include sms gateways, bulk messaging and contact management system implemented, allowing you to contact as many recipients as required from one standalone machine.

The email to sms service is easily implemented into your current email platform with little disturbance, the program will convert email format into a normal text format, readable for mobile phones and devices including pagers.

In addition to this some service providers also offer the option of protocols such as SNPP, SMPP and SOAP this enables a broad range of mobile devices. Continued development means that short message service (SMS) can be sent both to mobile devices and back to email platforms. Giving crucial two way communication between email and mobile devices.

With the advances in smart phones and the integration of email inboxes into mobile phones like Blackberry and IPhone for instance it seems that an email to sms service wouldn’t be necessary, however  in times of high demand for mobile signals like the Olympic Games this summer in London networks may become oversaturated and impossible to use. Services like email to sms will continue to work through these periods of high demand. It’s true to say that no matter how advanced modern mobile technology becomes it is still the older more traditional methods of mobile communication that are the safest and most reliable. SMS is the most robust and consistent form of communication.

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