Embracing One Of Yorkshire’s Finest Wonders: Leeds

Yorkshire is home to some amazing spots in Yorkshire and Leeds is one of the finer wonders. It is a thriving city that many people in the UK love to visit. Additionally, it is a common city for University students as there are numerous universities here. 


When it comes to tourism, there is a lot to visit in the city centre. In this article, we will take a look at the best things to visit in the Leeds city centre and why it is a city worth visiting. 

A City Surrounded by Greenery

One of the benefits of Leeds is how many parks there are in and around the city centre. With Roundhay Park being one of the more popular parks, you also have Golden Acre which is another great park to visit. 


With city breaks, you are usually there for the tall high rises which is why people visit it. However, Leeds has the best of both worlds, with stunning parks in and around the city if you ever get bored of the concrete jungle. 

It’s A Taste For The Rest Of Yorkshire

This is one of the first cities you have to visit when heading into Yorkshire from the south. It will give you a taste of true Yorkshire food and other cultural parts of this county. Additionally, you are only a short drive away from the Yorkshire Dales which is a great place to visit for a summer walk. 

Known For Its Music Scene

Leeds is also great for a variety of genres of music. Plus, there are plenty of music venues to choose from when listening to up-and-coming bands. Leeds is most popular for its indie music if this is a genre for you, we are sure you will come across your favourite artists. First Direct Arena, O2 Academy, The Wardrobe, Brudenell Social Club and much more. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to these fantastic music venues. 

Leeds Is Packed With Flavour

Another positive to Leeds is that there are plenty of places to eat and enjoy some fantastic food at affordable prices. One of the best parts about Leeds is its food, especially its street food. It has many pop-up stalls which are perfect for a quick snack as you explore this wonderful city. Plus, if you spend a week there, we can guarantee you have a new restaurant every night. 

Don’t Have To Spend Much Money

The further you head up into the UK, the more affordable it gets which is why Leeds is such a great city to visit. Whether you are looking to enjoy quality food or looking to have a drinking session in Leeds, it is a very affordable place. 

There are a lot of sights to see where you don’t have to spend a penny plus, you have the Tetley exhibition if you are a big tea drinker. Visit Hyde Park Picture House for affordable cinema viewings that won’t break the bank. This cinema has been here since 1914 so if you want to enjoy a film in an old-school picture house, this is the place for you. 

A City For The Drinkers

If you want to visit a city that is loved for the drink, Leeds can offer you fantastic nightlife as well. It is well-known in the UK for Otley Run. This is a run of very affordable pubs that many people drink at, especially those celebrating stag dos and hen-dos. If day drinking isn’t your thing then there are many clubs and bars to choose from later on at night. 

Iconic Victorian Arcades To Shop Until You Drop

Another positive with Leeds is that it is a great shopping destination. There are many places to shop in Leeds and you can end up spending a fortune. Nevertheless, it has a shop for everyone, whether you want luxury fashion or you are looking for something more casual. Plus, there are numerous charity shops where you can buy vintage clothing if you are exhausted from the shopping centres in Leeds. Your options are endless when shopping in Leeds so if you want to treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe, this is certainly the place for you. 


Easy To Visit Other Parts Of Yorkshire 

Whilst Leeds is pretty amazing, so are many other parts of Yorkshire and the UK. One of the leading offerings of Leeds is its ample and frequent public transport links. With regular trains around the UK coming in and out of the city centre, it couldn’t be easier to hop on and off as needed, with links to surrounding towns and cities such as York and Sheffield, but also Manchester and London. 


As well as this, you’ll find regular coaches to many destinations around the UK from many city centre pick-up points, offering a cheap and convenient alternative to train travel, particularly for long distances. For international and European travel, Leeds Bradford is the city’s closest airport, or if you want to head stateside or to destinations such as Dubai or Singapore, then Manchester Airport is under an hour away. 

Fantastic Student Offerings

Leeds is a popular city for students to choose to spend their years in further education. Compared to other areas of Yorkshire, Leeds is a busy city with plenty on offer for everyone and, as a result, it attracts students from all over the UK and further afield. 


No matter if students choose to study in Leeds for their A-Levels or Doctorates, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right place to study. The University of Leeds is one of the leading UK universities, with plenty of undergrad and postgrad courses to choose from in a range of subjects, but there is particular interest in their medical, business and engineering courses. 


As well as plenty of choice, the city of Leeds is hugely appealing to students because of the culture. Compared to other areas of the UK, Leeds is relatively affordable, so this means that students don’t need to worry as much about money as they would in other areas of the UK. 


There is plenty of nightlife, regular events in and around the city centre and so much to do. As well as this, for students travelling from further away, the great transport links make it easy for them to go home as and when needed.


To Conclude

Leeds is full of history, culture, modern restaurants and electric music venues which is why so many students go to a University in Leeds. However, it isn’t just an iconic spot for students, it is a thriving city for all ages but if you want to avoid the busy nightlife, we recommend you avoid Leeds at the weekend as it can get busy.