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Employment Law Solicitor GB 3

Racial Equality Matters in the Workplace

If an employer or other employees treat a member of staff differently because of their race, this is always unacceptable. Every employee should feel safe and valued in their workplace, and therefore to be in a position facing racial mistreatment is highly unjust.  It is expected that there are a number of occurrences of racial mistreatment in employment which go unreported – partly because those affected are unsure of their legal position and do not want to re-live the stress of the experience.

Cases of unfair dismissal

However, racial discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue and can lead to highly damaging effects. For example, some staff members have found themselves dismissed from a role due to the racial prejudices of their employer. In such circumstances, the person affected could claim for unfair dismissal on the grounds of racial discrimination.

Race discrimination therefore can occur not only at the beginning of the working process – such as in the interview stage – but also in the circumstances of terminating employment. For an employee to be dismissed for no justifiable reason and instead subject to prejudices based on race is a legal issue. The Equality Act 2010 is the governing legislation which outlines that unfair treatment of the grounds of race is illegal. When this treatment has escalated to the level of a dismissal, this is highly serious.

Get the Legal Support you Deserve

If you think you have been affected by racial discrimination in the workplace or have been dismissed and believe that race may have played a factor, it is essential that you seek legal support as soon as possible. An unfair dismissal solicitor may be able to help you. After all, you are entitled to equal treatment in your place of work, and where this has been breached, you could claim. Fortunately, a professional legal service able to support you in this is Employment Law Solicitor. They are experts in employment law and you can contact them direct on – 0844 576 0718 – now.