Energy Efficient Improvements You Shouldn’t Live Without

Improving one’s home and making it a better place to live is the desire of every human being. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and for this purpose improvements are continuously being made. Most improvements however require a substantial monetary investment, not to mention it’s time consuming nature if done right. However, there are ways to make you living environment friendlier. You can change the seating arrangement and the color scheme of your home to give it a new look and feel.  Rearrangements can be done so that the entire atmosphere of your home will feel different, without spending money or too much effort on the process.

However, if you are looking to add new rooms to your home or want to give your house a complete makeover then your cash requirements are going to be substantial. In such cases, it is wise to spend money on buying such items that can help you lower your expenditures. The prime example of this would be to invest into upgrading money dependent systems in your household such as buying an energy efficient heating system for your home.

How Does Energy Efficient Heating Help Reduce Energy Bills?

Energy efficient heating systems are designed to trap the natural heat of the sun within the home. This way the home remains heated throughout the day and night without requiring any assistance from a heater. Such heating systems involves the use of specially made collectors that are able to soak up the heat and warmth of the sun during the daytime and when the sun disappears at night, this preserved heat is circulated throughout the house keeping it warm and cozy. This method of using the sun’s energy to heat a home is called active solar heating.

Types of Active Solar Heating

Generally speaking there are two types of active solar heating depending on the amount of heating they require.

  • Solar Air Heating Systems: The solar air heating systems use air as the absorption medium for the heat of the sun. In this type of systems, solar air collectors are used for heating air through solar energy. Once the air is heated, it is passed on to the rooms making them perfectly heated. The solar air heating systems can be used either to heat the rooms separately or preheat the air coming into the rooms. Both methods are more than capable of keeping the air inside the home heated. The best thing about solar air heating systems is that they provide heat in the day as well as at night making them the most heat providing active solar heating system. One minor disadvantage that solar air heating systems do have is that they are not quite as capable as the solar liquid heating systems due to the less efficient heat transfer capabilities of air.
  • Solar Liquid Heating Systems: The solar liquid heating systems use water as the means of absorbing the sun’s heat. The solar liquid collectors are used in this method to heat the liquid through solar energy. Once the liquid is heated enough, it is pumped through pipes fitted underneath the floors and in between the walls. This heated water keeps the temperature of the whole house considerably high. The solar liquid heating systems are most suitable for central heating purposes as the heated liquid can be circulated throughout the house with ease. Another advantage of solar liquid heating systems is that it is the most efficient active solar heating system because it uses liquid, which is capable of transferring heat to the surroundings more proficiently than air.

Therefore, if you are planning to make home improvements then do keep in mind buying either of the two above mentioned active solar heating systems. Not only will the installation of these systems bring down your energy bill but also help you in raising the value of your home by a great margin because homes that have efficient energy systems installed usually are worth more than ordinary homes.

This guest post was written by Endre Rex-Kiss on behalf of Rayotec. Endre is a sustainability advocate with a keen interest in how social media can play a bigger role in environmentalism. He is also a DIY professional, with a newly acquired passion for electric underfloor heating.