Enhanced Online Visibility Through Social Media Optimization

In the last few years social media optimization has grown in leaps and bounds.  While many companies see the term and think, “We need that!” few really understand what it means and what it entails.  The key word in the phrase ‘search engine optimization’ is optimization.  Anyone can play around on a social media site but only those who really understand how to optimize their presence will see results.

Social Media Optimization – Making the Most of Widgets and Badges

Widgets and badges are amazing little bits of code that not only pull customers back to one’s site of choice but also helps in search engine rankings as they count as a backlink to one’s site.  Widgets are applications embedded into a third party web page.  Badges, on the other hand, are graphics which lead back to a website.  The simplest way to differentiate the two is that a widget does something whereas a badge is simply a picture with a link embedded.

So many wonder how they can use these gizmos to help their company with enhanced online visibility.  One example of a widget would be a video.  Company A can embed a video on a third party, Company B’s, webpage and anyone on that page can click on the video (widget).  Suddenly the potential audience for Company A has doubled.
Facebook offers badges to anyone with an account to embed into any number of places.  These badges can be a simple ‘like’ button, photo button, profile or page badges.  Companies definitely can stick these into the company blog and website but the social media optimization doesn’t end there.  Just like with any widget these badges can be shared with other websites and blogs as well increasing a company’s online brand presence.

Social Media Optimization – Share Content

Thanks to the little ‘share’ button located at the top of most web content pages anyone can share anything they read on the web.  This is monumental for companies.  There can be no easier way for friends to share articles, news, events and stories they see on the web then clicking a button.  Once click – that is all it takes and suddenly everyone in that person’s ‘friend’ list on Facebook receives a message to read that same item. Genius.
Companies looking for strategies to increase social media optimization must begin incorporating the share button into all their web content.  This takes very little time and can have amazing results.
Social Media Optimization – Signing In
One way to keep up with visitors to one’s website is to have a ‘sign in with Facebook’ or Twitter.   This allows visitors not sure they’re ready to commit to registering with a website be able to at least indicate they were there.  One article compared this to dating and marriage.  Some visitors are ready to marry a website and will fill out any number of pages of registration forms.  Others are interested in only dating and will commit to only leaving their mark via a Facebook or Twitter sign-in.

Social Media Optimization – the Mighty ‘Like’ Button

Very similar to the ‘share’ button many companies now utilize ‘like’ and ‘recommend’ on their websites and blogs.  This allows customers and visitors to their sites to share whatever it may be they are looking at with all their friends back at Facebook.  Levis brand of jeans has seen a huge success with this application.  Someone can ‘like’ a pair of jeans which then is posted to their Facebook page and shared with all their ‘friends’.  Included with the item being Liked is a place for a comment further personalizing the item being shared.  That is the best kind of free advertising a company can ask for!
These four tips are just a few of the exciting new strategies companies truly interested in social media optimization can pursue.  More important than determining strategies for a successful social media optimization is a company clearly defining its goals.  Websites like Facebook and Twitter are merely tools which wise companies utilize as part of their marketing campaigns for enhanced online visibility.
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