Enjoy Cooking On The Patio With The Right Accessories

Home and Hearth Outfitters has a massive selection of charcoal and BBQ gas grills designed to make your outdoor living space more enjoyable.  Take the entire dinner experience into the relaxing comfort of your patio with quality grills, warm fireplaces and incredible custom kitchens.  Here are just a few of the wonderful additions you might want to consider for your stunning new patio project.

The Convenience of Propane
Propane grills are clean burning and extremely convenient.  If you are creating a beautiful custom kitchen, consider add the Viking 24-inch outdoor wok and cooker.  Powered by clean propane, it features a 27,000 BTU porcelain and cast iron burner.  The large 20” size allows it to accommodate even large stock pots, so you can start planning your first shrimp boil in your stunning new custom outdoor kitchen.
Cooking and Cleaning in the Comfort of Your Outdoor Living Space
After you put the chicken on the grill, you need somewhere to clean up and wash the utensils.  You could travel back into the house, but this takes you away from the action outside.  Outdoor kitchens featuring sinks are more luxurious and infinitely more versatile.  A quality refreshment station should feature a sink and work surface.
Drawers underneath the sink will provide you with extra storage for utensils, condiments and other cooking accessories.  The Viking Refreshment Center even features a high self with a rail for glasses, spices and other goodies as well as a cutting board that can be repositioned over the sink.
Keep Meat Moist and Delicious with the Power of Infrared
Propane burns clean and traditional charcoal creates a fantastic flavor, but nothing can compare to the power of infrared heat sources.  Powered by small propane bottles, the Solaire Anywhere Portable grill can be used in your outdoor custom kitchen or on your next camping trip.  A unique V-shape grilling grid eliminates concern about flare-ups, and you will be rewarded with meat that is juicy, tender and unsurpassed in the world of grilling. Easily integrated into outdoor kitchens, you can even put this grill in the car to use it for tailgating parties and campouts.
Ambience with Lighting and Gas Fire Pits
Set the perfect mood and ensure that the ambience is just right with soft lighting and a campfire.  Lighting added to your arbor posts or under the edge of your railing will make the patio more welcoming.  Gas fire pits that are powered by a gas line are easy to run and safe.  You don’t have to worry about the fire flaring up after you’ve gone to bed, and you can start the show with the flip of a switch.

Cooking over an Open Flame

Whether you love wood burning firepits or prefer the convenience of a gas fireplace, there is something to be said about campfire cooking over an open flame.   Have a pizza oven added to your outdoor fireplace, or make sure your patio is equipped with a campfire tri-pod for making baked apples and incredible Dutch oven meals.  You will love how versatile cooking over the open fire can be, and the kids will enjoy getting in on the action.
When you are planning your outdoor living space, there are many considerations to keep in mind.  You want comfortable patio furniture that will withstand the elements and look great for years to come, and you also want the ability to make meals while visiting with your friends.  Take your outdoor living space to the next level with the right grills and outdoor kitchen accessories.  Visit Home and hearth today for the latest accessories and best additions to your outdoor living space.
Jonathon Blocker loves writing about home improvment. Learn more about Home and Hearth Outfitters here.