Enjoy Family Holidays In Mexico: A Paradise For Children

There are thousands of things that visitors can do when visiting Mexico City accompanied by their kids. The capital of Mexico is full of impressive options for families with kids. All the businesses are prepared to welcome them offering a vast array of entertainment and leisure offers.

Most restaurants come with small parks and kids club to make them pass a good time; furthermore, shopping centres also feature sliders and kid’s playground areas. If you want to enjoy your family holidays in this beautiful area, we suggest you book hotels online in advance and enjoy the top attractions of this country. Are you ready to discover why Mexico City is a paradise for children? Check it out.

Mexico: A Paradise for Children

We are aware that kids love ample places where they can have fun for hours, like Park Mexico, where they can play or rent a bicycle and raise the smallest ones to a charming minibus. The best part is a large number of children who gather there. If your kids are sociable, they will end up making friends.

If you want to have fun with your children, you can all visit the Colonia Del Valle. This area features good restaurants, parks and shopping centres. Furthermore, you can enjoy strolls through the Sunken Park. This park has a children’s play area and tables to play chess under the shade of a tree.

Another fabulous area you cannot fail to visit the Chapultepec. A visit to the Castle is a must, to show your kids the magic of history. Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise them with the great variety of animals in the zoo, purify their lungs in the forest while feeding the squirrels, or take a boat ride in the lake and take family photos. Certainly, an experience you will never forget.

The “Papalote Museum” and La Feria, also in Chapultepec, deserve special mention. In Papalote Museum, your kids can learn while interacting in different activities. All the interactive actives will make them discover in a fun way the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and many other branches of knowledge. La Feria is a superb amusement park, perfect to have fun on board of the thrilling rides. If you are travelling with teenagers, the Roller Coaster will be an unforgettable experience.

But if you want to visit one of the best theme parks in the country, you must go straight to Six Flags. Six Flags is a world apart, full of stimulation and temptations, colours and flavours. The park offers an extensive array of restaurants, even quite healthy, although what you crave is “junk” food, which for a day, does not kill anyone. There are water rides with infarct falls where you usually get soaked, so bringing a change of clothes is not a bad idea. You cannot miss the spectacle of dolphins and sea lions.

As you can see Mexico is a great deal when we talk about family holidays. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Gran Sur ice skating rink, with first-rate facilities to practice this fast-paced sport.

Towards the west of the city, you can visit the Desert of the Lions, the first National Park of the Republic established in 1971 and which is still today one of the main lungs of the city. It houses a 17th-century Carmelite convent full of underground tunnels. Do not miss the opportunity to have typical and delicious Mexican food like quesadillas of the flower of pumpkin, cheese or Huitlacoche (Corn Smut).

We are now close to Santa Fe, where the shopping centre of the same name features “kids”, which gives them the opportunity to carry out all kinds of adult activities. On this city, kids will find small replicas of almost everything: an aeroplane, a supermarket, a mechanic’s workshop, a veterinary clinic, a beauty salon, a department store, and of course a bank. While your kids learn the value of money on the City of Children, you can relax in the room only for parents.

We could not fail to mention the fascinating Historical Centre of Mexico, a place full of culture and history that will always be worth taking the children. The concentration of museums, convents, parks and plazas is impressive, as well as the beauty of its architecture. A tour of the Cathedral and the Zócalo is a must.

After this slight sample of fun, vibrant culture and exciting options, does anyone doubt whether Mexico City is a dream location for kids?