Enjoy The Best Ever Tiger Camp In Jim Corbett National Park

Are you an animal lover and loves to sight them in their natural habitat? If so, then you will definitely love to visit the only place on the Earth where you can spot tiger- Jim Corbett National Park. It is the first place in India to be avowed a National Park and had been named after Jim Corbett the well-known hunter who later turned into a conversationalist.

As per the estimates, Kumaon was one of the regions which were greatly distressed by man-eating tigers which inspired the famous hunter rescued people by hunting down many. After that, he was well-regarded highly by the residents. Besides this, Corbett worked hard for their conservation and decided to start a campaign to save the tigers which later led to the demarcation of this reserve. Over the years, this place has definitely become of the most famous tourist attractions across the world.

It is a haven for all those who are even slightly interested in sightseeing wildlife and Wildcat in the natural habitat. With the best tiger populace, the park is the best spot to sightsee rare animals. Even if sightseers are not lucky enough to spot the tigers, the park has a lot more other rare animal and bird species. Rich savannahs, diverse creatures make the park an exciting bio spot. The park has a scenic location at the Shivalik foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of river Ramanganga.

Moreover, with the increasing number of Jim Corbett resorts you don’t have to be bothered about where to stay and all. These luxurious and eco-friendly jungle resorts are well-equipped with modern facilities that will make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable.  Whether it’s about holistic therapies and massages in the middle of divinely green ambiences, feeling refreshed while dipping in the swimming pool or enjoying outdoor and indoor games like football, pool football, pool basketball, soft ball cricket, water polo, chess, carom and much more, you will ever feel bored.

Not only this, you can even request these Jim Corbett resorts to arrange some adventurous games for you such as river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, and angling, to name a few. They can even help you connect with the guide who are experts and know the forest area better that makes the possibilities of spotting tiger and other wildlife higher. The safest way to tour the national park is to book a guided tour. We would like to recommend you to carry along a binocular always you will be able to get a good glimpse of the avian population here. Guides do have a better knowledge of pathways which zeros the chance of you getting lost in the wilds.

Another thing that you need to experience here is safari- either by Elephant or Jeep. For this, you can even request the affordable Jim Corbett resort where you are staying in to help you fetch the tickets in advance. Since only a fixed number of vehicles are only allowed to go inside in a day so the availability of jeep safari tickets on the stop is not guaranteed. On the other hand, elephant safaris are good to get a closer view of the wild creatures.

The park is closed for some months between June to November so plan your visit accordingly and book your rooms in Jim Corbett resort in advance as sometimes it’s not easy to get accommodation during peak season.

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