Enjoy Unlimited Streaming Of Your Favorite Shows With UnoTelly

If you are an avid viewer of American, British or Canadian programs, but do not reside in any of these countries, it can be very disheartening. Accessing this desired content from any other country is not merely difficult but also impossible at certain locations as many countries block foreign material. In such times, wouldn’t you wish a way to watch unlimited number of films and content without any hindrance? Well, it seems some prayers have been answered as UnoTelly is here to facilitate those viewers who are unable to access videos owing to their geographical location.

UnoTelly, a Canadian based paid service, not only allows you to access content that has been blocked in your country, but also lets you choose from a range of channels which includes Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ABC, and ESPN  to name a few. Moreover, you can rest assured that the content you are enjoying is legally permissible, as there is no piracy involved since you are either watching free content or the content entailing a subscription fee.

Furthermore, the services are provided through the Domain Name Server service or UnoDNS, and a Virtual Private Network or UnoVPN. The set up of UnoTelly is made easier with the aid of complete instructions, and different configuration tutorials to guide you. In addition, no matter what device you possess the system supports them all. It works on PC, Mac, Linux, smart phones, game consoles, tablets, Android, iOS, Roku, XBox 360, Play station, smart TVs, Blu-Ray players and what not. Another gratifying service of UnoTelly is that there is no streaming bandwidth cap wherein speeds are set at 1000Mbit meaning you can avail unlimited streaming.

If you are indecisive about the services and don’t want to take a risk by signing up for it, fret not. UnoTelly provides you the opportunity to sign up for an 8 day free trial period during which you can access a total of 13 channels including Rdio, Pandora, Bloomberg, MTV, and CBS TV among other channels.

If you are satisfied with the services provided you can make a choice between two kinds of packages.  The premium package costs $4.95/month and the Gold Package is worth $7.95/month with the difference between the two being the addition of UnoVPN in the Gold Package for encoded browsing on 3G networks. The UnoVPN also makes it possible for you to browse any blocked U.S and U.K websites that cannot be accessed through UnoDNS.

Purchasing UnoTelly is a very straightforward process as all you need to do is go to their homepage and click on Plans, and then select the kind of package you are seeking depending upon your term of use.

You can conduct the transaction through Visa or MasterCard but those who do not have these, PayPal is an excellent choice, as it offers numerous payment alternatives such as debit, AMEX and Discover. Besides the PayPal, Guest CheckOut lets you make payments without the obligation of creating a PayPal account.

In a nutshell, UnoTelly renders everything you could have wished for. The variety of channels and services makes it worth every penny. So, what is deterring you from trying out this exceptional service to view all your favorite programs?