Enjoying Time With Man’s Best Friend On The Isle Of Arran

Scotland, and in particular, the Isle of Arran, are an outdoorsman’s delight. With an environment that boasts weather warm enough to sustain a few palm trees whilst keeping snow atop the highest mountains for much of the year, there are enough climatic zones to please any holidaymaker. And due to Arran’s protected location between the Kintyre Peninsula and Ayrshire coast, the weather is never too extreme with lovely summer temperatures and few winter days below freezing (in the Lowlands). Because of its landscape and climate as well as the population’s general acceptance of dogs, the Isle of Arran is an ideal place to holiday with man’s best friend.

What to Do With Your Pet on Arran

Arran is known as a wonderful destination for those who enjoy walking holidays. If your dog is just as excited about his daily walk as you are, then he is sure to love scampering along the beaches along the coastline. Most beaches accommodate dogs unless there is a sign posted which specifically states that pets are not allowed. Glen Ashdale Falls in Whiting Bay is a wonderful walk to take with your pet. The main attraction is a lovely waterfall sure to delight both you and Rover. If you are planning to visit Arran in October, however, do be aware that it is shooting season and visitors are discouraged from bringing dogs onto the island.

Mountain climbing with your dog is another popular activity on Arran. The isle’s highest mountain, Goatfell, is a must-see site that even full-time residents return to time and time again to experience the magnificent vistas from the peak. Getting to the top of Goatfell will take a good part of a day (about four hours to the peak and back) and you are advised to bring along food and water for both you and your pet. Of course, you should wear a good, sturdy pair of walking boots and trousers and leave your dog at home if he is tender-footed or not used to climbing.

Relaxing With Your Pet

When you’re done exploring the Isle of Arran on foot, head on over to your cottage for a breather before going out to enjoy the nightlife this Scottish island has to offer. Most self-catered houses allow pets and even welcome them with treats and other special amenities.

Most of the pubs, too, are quite dog-friendly. You may want to check with the village before arrival to ensure there are no restrictions, but overall Arran welcomes visitors and their four-legged friends.

If you’ve been dreaming of going on holiday with your dog as companion, Arran could be the perfect destination. What dog wouldn’t like walking with his owner and spending one-on-one time in such a beautiful location?

Dog image courtesy Per Ola Wilburg/Flickr.

Matthew Bettoli writes for Cottages and Castles, whose Arran holiday houses are perfect for your next holiday with your pet.