Entertainment – A Vibrant And Never Fading Term

Entertainment is one of the most important elements that make any (movable so noticeable) living creature to carry on and enjoy his entire life. The matter does not confine to the size of any the type of creature under the blue sky. Generally speaking in other way, entertainment is an event or activity for remaining lively through some enjoyable action(s). Entertainment can also be causing amuse or interest in an audience. In this situation, the audience may or may not have passive role. In the TV shows, movie shows or opera shows, the audience does not take any role, whereas in a circus show, live shows, video game or in magic show the audience get completely involved during the show. The entertainer and the audience remain interacting with each other to make the entertainment really “engaging”.

Different Types of Entertainment
There are many participatory traditional activities or some times some entertaining activity involves relatively static presentations just like celebrating holidays, reading, playing games, viewing works of arts, making arts and crafts and so on. These are the entertainments for a large number of people while the same items may be just “time passing” for many. Many people want the entertainer of the show should be visible to the viewer, except in the case of video games. As is expected, any entertaining act must attract the audience and meticulously influence their thoughts and actions. The participative actions that give enough amusement are sports, which are the solid means of recreations.  Some of the activities like practicing a musical instrument or personal reading are passing time for some while they are the hobbies for many.
Entertainment and Fun
Entertainments can also be felt through laughter, fun or some other sorts of enjoyments. The entertainment industry responsible towards providing entertainment consists of cartoon, pantomimes, clowns, puppets for the kids and children, while social dance, games, sports, theater, cinema and many more.
Traditional Vs Today’s Entertainment
In the earlier times, mostly the entertainments were centered on the stage shows. All generations or to say all age groups used to enjoy the shows together. That is why earlier shows or stagecraft were important as they were insulated with disciplines. But today’s situations are completely different. Today internet has made the entertainment world completely transformed. Every day new types of venues of entertainment are coming up, so is also advanced technology rapidly developing, making them increasingly practiced. The different forms of entertainment technology are:

  • Animatronics
  • Automation
  • Computer simulation
  • Show control
  • Video
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Costume
  • Properties
  • Scenery Fabrication
  • Interactive environments

In the world of animation and game designing, entertainment technology means a very real world of entertainment, which completely is the result of advanced level of computer mediated digital technologies.
Sex and Entertainment 
It will be incorrect if we do not talk about sex, involving all movable creatures under the blue sky. Actually it is the excitement and entertainment that makes sex the most sought after, pleasurable, crazy, unavoidable, killing, passionate, ever challengeable, and uncompromising and so on. If we talk about any movable creatures, (including human being, of course human being is not being discussed now) all are contributing to the “ecology” due to the sex factors which are the only excitement or entertainment they get through the sexual activities. We can not think of our world without “ecology” playing a crucial role for the continuity of this wonderful earth. Had there been no “entertainment” in the sexual activities in the movable creatures the world could have looked something different without further generations from any species, so human being could also not have survived without these creatures. The documentary channels like “Animal Planet” and “Discovery” would, perhaps, not have existed as they are today. They are not only educative but entertaining as well.
After talking about other movable living creatures we must also admit that human beings are also not exceptional without the vivid truth of sexual pleasures and sexual entertainments. Let us not simply remember about the story of Adam and Eve, which manifested only the truth of evolution. It was the beginning of human generations through sex and derived entertainments, and still going in every part of our civilized world.
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