Equipment You Need For Removing Concrete

Removing concrete all by yourself will be a herculean task, but doing so will help you save money. You can either do it yourself, provided you have the skills and safety know-how, or have someone who does do it for you. One doesn’t need special skills when removing concrete. You just have to get the right set of equipment and plan carefully. Here’s a list of equipment you can use:

Sledge Hammer

This is the primary tool used in removing concrete. A few good blows with a 10 lbs sledge hammer will be able crack concrete slabs easily. This is quite effective in narrow concrete slabs that have a thickness of at least 4 inches.


Jackhammers are pneumatic. This means that they operate using air. They weigh a lot more than sledge hammers – around 90 lbs. They are preferred to be used in dealing with thicker slabs of concrete.

Bolt Cutter

Some slabs of concrete have a steel mesh reinforcement so that it will not crack. The meshes will make it hard for you to crush the concrete slab. It may take you twice or thrice the time to finish the task. A bolt cutter can be used to cut the mesh.

Reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw together with a metal blade, metal cut-off wheel and angle grinder can be used to remove concrete slabs that have rebar.


You can’t dump concrete straight in to the trash can. You need to have stronger and bigger equipment to transport the pieces. A heavy-duty wheelbarrow is useful for hauling. A small one might easily give in to the weight.

Looking for more high powered tools? Here are some equipment you might want to try.

Chipping Hammer

Chipping hammers are concrete breakers that can be held by hand. They are easier to position in breaking vertical and overhead surfaces. They are more precise in chipping away specific areas.

Diamond wire saw

The diamond wire saw can cut concrete of any thickness. It is effective in demolition of dams, bridges, and thick concrete structures. It also produces minimal noise, dust, and vibration. This makes it ideal for use in projects within inhabited structures.

Rent High-Powered Equipment for Concrete Removal

DIY projects are highly encouraged. This will help you save on labor expenses that are usually charged by professionals. Unfortunately, buying these tools on your own will be quite expensive. You can still use these tools at a cheaper price by renting them. Just check that you are getting them from a trusted company.

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