Essential Skills For 2012

Times are changing and so we must be able to change along with them and adapt our skills to be able to keep up to date with the ever changing technology of the world and to stand out from the crowd. Having knowledge and experience of all Microsoft applications is no longer considered a skill; in fact it is considered by many as being a minimum requirement for a role. So what are the new skills that you should have under your belt to stand out in 2012?

Web Knowledge

Having a working knowledge of the web is a fairly sweeping concept and it can refer to many different aspects of the internet and websites. You don’t need to be an expert in all things www. but you should have an understanding of basic web development languages such as HTML and CSS. This will show employers that you have a decent knowledge of websites and that you will be able to work on one without too much difficulty. Most businesses in 2012 have a website and so many of the jobs that they have will be related to working on their site either editing it, adding content or sorting out problems within it.

CAD Design

Computer aided design, better known as CAD, has become a major development in the architecture and design industries as it gives designers the ability to create realistic 3D models instead of uninspiring blueprints. CAD is not just confined to the world of design though it is also important for the fields of computer animation, data management and engineering which makes it a pretty valuable skill to have. If you are unsure about which path you want your career to go down then gaining some skills in CAD development would be a wise choice.

IT Maintenance

As we all know computers are taking over the world and this is truer than ever within the world of business. Every big company and most smaller ones rely on computers in some way and so that provides an obvious opportunity for those who are skilled in repairing them. Most people, even those who are highly knowledgeable in IT, have no clue how the internal workings of a computer operate. If you have that knowledge then you can be assured to have plenty of work on as a problem with the computer system can’t be left to a later time or ignored by a business, it needs to be dealt with straight away as the computers being down often results in a loss of business and revenue for a company.

2012 is a time where some technical knowledge and skills can go a long way as the world is becoming more computerised and so if you can attain these skills then you just may have a successful career ahead of you.

Victoria Blemmings is a student who is currently studying CAD design. She is learning how to create 3D CAD Models to help architects create more realistic designs.