Essential Tips For Rustic Decor Success

When you think rustic, what comes to mind? Old, distressed furniture reminiscent of nineteenth century decor, whimsical and inexpensive pieces, lots of wood furniture, hand-woven rugs and soft lighting. Rustic decor will never go out of style, and is a great way to add character and warmth to your home. Let’s take a look at a few rustic decor tips you can apply so you can turn it into a homey masterpiece that you’ll never want to leave.

1. The first rule when it comes to rustic decor is to stick to neutral and dark shades of brown. This mimics wood furniture and gives a great, earthy color palette too your rooms. Deep browns and rusty tans are what you should be going for when it comes to colors of items such as rugs, tables and living room furniture. You can complement accent walls with warm color shades such as coppery orange or vibrant red. Terra cotta paint finishes can work well in giving your walls the unfinished texture associated with rustic decor.

2. Rustic look draws on rough and unfinished furniture, so you can use sandpaper to distress a few pieces. Afterward, apply an uneven cost of white or brown paint to them, and leave it to set. You can then sandpaper the piece of furniture again, and display the finished product next to a modern piece to add some contrast and drama to the room.

3. Keeping lights soft in a room adds to the rustic charm. You can install dimmer switches to help with light control, muting light to desired levels. This is because rustic furniture developed at a time where electricity wasn’t a common feature in homes, which meant that most families used hurricane lamps and candles to light up rooms every evening.

4. Textured details are also great at achieving this look. You can use solid wood furniture, barn frames and other natural elements such as logs to bring nature into your home. The idea here is to bring the endearing qualities of the outdoors inside to add a touch of comfort, familiarity, simplicity and warmth into your home.

5. For your floors, you might want to get some unique barn wood flooring that can be found from suppliers who usually salvage planks from old buildings. Painted concrete, Mexican tiles and Satillo add some pizzazz and character to your walls, making them pop.

6. A butcher block countertop for your kitchen coupled with oak benches looks good and adds an element of surprise to the room. Think about hanging a wrought iron rack for all your pots and pans, as well as wicker baskets on the walls to make your kitchen come alive with the essence of rustic decor.

7. Fresh wild flowers in tins are also a great addition, as well as pictures of nature and verdant landscapes.

At the end of the day, this kind of decor is all about rustic furniture that adds some personality to your home. Rustic decor can be easily achieved without having to break the bank, given the ready availability of materials. This article was published by