During the course of your college level education, you will be required to write a novel based essay. This type of essay requires you to demonstrate to the reader that you have understood the main themes in the novel. It also demonstrates your ability to synthesize information from a large text, interpret it, and form an informed opinion on what you have read. Focus on these elements to ensure that you write an informative and cohesive novel based essay.

  • Have a unique argument

After reading the novel as well as other related sources, you should have been able to form an argument in your mind. This argument is the purpose of your paper, and you should incorporate it in your thesis statement. Without a thesis statement, you will end up losing focus as you write the paper. The reader will also get confused as to what the purpose of the paper is. In addition, your argument needs to be debatable, i.e. it needs to be your own informed opinion. When the thesis statement is open to debate as well as interpretation, the reader is curious to find out more about your take on the subject matter.

  • Support your claims with evidence from the novel

In order to support your thesis statement, you need to make substantiated claims that pertain to your main argument/opinion. You need to use specific examples from the text in order to prop up your claims, and make them valid in the mind of the reader. In such an essay, you are trying to convince the reader to agree with your interpretation of the text. Thus, you need to use strong evidence from the text to prove that your claims are valid.

  • Make your paragraphs cohesive

If you want to retain the attention of the readers until the conclusion of your paper, then you need to create cohesion between the paragraphs you write. The paragraphs should be able to build on one another throughout the essay. In addition, the transition from one thought to the next or from one claim to the next should be smooth to make it easy for the reader to go through your paper and understand your take on the paper. The reader will not have a difficult time understanding all your ideas and how they relate to the central argument of the paper. The more cohesive your overall essay is, the easier it becomes to persuade the reader to see things from your point of view.

  • Conclude

Your conclusion needs to be able to connect your thesis statement to the main ideas presented in the body of the paper. It should also reiterate your position on the subject matter. Refrain from simply summarizing your main points in your conclusion, as you will fail in legitimizing your claims in the mind of the reader.

Writing a novel based essay can be a challenge to even the most proficient of students. You need to have an in-depth understanding of the novel, which requires a lot of time to undertake. With so much on your plate owing to other coursework demands, you may not have the time to read and understand the novel. You need professional help at this point. Head over to where you will receive all the professional assistance you require on your novel based essay.