Essential Tips To Protect Your Home From A Fire

When it comes to protecting your family and your home, you would do pretty much anything! So make sure you follow these tips to prevent a fire out breaking in your family home and know what to do in case a fire does start.

Smoke Alarm

Make sure that you have a smoke alarm fitted. This is essential in any home! You should fit a smoke alarm on each level of your house so that you are alerted as soon as any smoke is detected on any floor on the house.  If you have large electrical appliances in any of the bedrooms, you should also fit a smoke alarm in there.

You should test all your smoke alarms weekly to ensure that the batteries are still working. You should also change the batteries in each of the smoke alarms each year to ensure that the batteries will work in an emergency.

Emergency Plan

You should always make sure that you have an escape route planned if a fire does break out in your home and make sure that each member of your family understands what to do if a fire does start.

Never try to tackle and put out a fire yourself in your home. Always contact emergency services as soon as possible.

Before you go to bed you should ensure that all appliances are switched off by the plug. This will lower the risk of a fire breaking out.

Passive Fire Protection

If you live in a built up area or a flat then you may find it useful to look into passive fire protection, so that you are protected from fires which have broken out near to you and are likely to spread. You can seek advice from fire protection services who will advise you on passive fire protection such as alarms and extinguishers.

Extra Essential Tips

Always take extra care whilst cooking, especially if children are about. Always be weary of what hobs are on so that you can turn them off immediately when they are not needed. Never leave hot oil cooking unattended.

Never overload plug sockets or extensions leads. This can lead to the wires overheating which can result in a fire starting.

If using candles, always put them on a stable surface and never leave them near curtains, paper or fabric that can be easily moved.

Always put cigarettes out carefully and dispose of them correctly. Always wet the end of cigarette tips when finished with them and before disposing so all sparks of the cigarette is definitely put out.

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  1. If you are unsure if your property is out of compliance with the fire safety standards, call the fire prevention division for a courtesy inspection. Prevention is always better than cure!
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