Essentials Tips For Pay Per Click Copywriting For 2016

Essentials Tips For Pay Per Click Copywriting For 2016

While digital marketing has evolved extensively in the last few years, there’s one basic element that is not going to change, at least for the near foreseeable future – good ad copy.

Ad copy is the heart of your entire campaign, not your great technology, add-ons, or analytics. A poorly written ad copy simply does not generate returns. Curated by PPC ad copywriters at Think Big Online here are some techniques of copywriting Sydney businesses use that go beyond Google’s basic guidelines and practicing hygiene when it comes to keywords.

Match user objectives

The trigger to someone wanting to click on an ad isn’t beautiful copy that awes people – it is intent. The intent to solve a problem, and your brand’s positioning as a solution is key. This is why you’ll see incredibly simple ads e.g. Lose Weight Now!’ – still in traction. Supporting text supplements this phrase to add a layer of precision to the deal, and helps your prospective leads visualise how you’re going to help them. A famous strategy followed by experts like is to focus on online lead generation-based ad copy to convert prospective interests into future clients.

Numbers and figures work but don’t oversell

Numbers and figures have credibility, and also tend to attract eyeballs in a world used to quantifying things. Numbers or statistics used prominently in the headlines is a classic ad technique that also works great for PPC, considering people have short attention spans. Compelling figures, especially for someone actually looking for a great deal, will definitely make people want to click if this is your USP. However, if you show your product’s only USP is how cheap it is, viewers will wonder about the kind of quality you’re bringing to the table.

Make readers feel they deserve your products

A classic lifestyle advertising technique used for almost all product categories – from health foods to diamonds, it preys on a consumer’s sense of entitlement. The subtext for any ads, especially in a premium category, is that – You Deserve’ this experience. It simultaneously adds a touch of emotion, making people think that the product is essential for their well-being.

Use emotional triggers

Emotion compels people to act, and this is also true of advertising. A strong emotional reaction is what drives ‘viral’ content today. However, for advertising a product, it is important to use negative and positive emotional reactions as a call to action – to click, subscribe, buy, share etc. Fear, excitement, lust, greed – anything can be used to compel action.

Your display URLs must be keyword rich

Enough of the subjective aspect of ad copy, here’s some technical knowledge. Your display URL and the destination URL can be different, which means that you can provide one which is interesting and loaded with top keywords. Your display URL must reinforce the ad’s messaging.

Know what differentiates you from the competition

First, know your competitors in the same ad space. Then, see how you can use ad copy to defeat them. For example, in a crowded insurance market where everyone is offering the best deals, you can promise reliability and speed in access to coverage. It’s just a benefit – but it can make all the difference to a buyer.