Every Girl’s Guide To Wearing A Padded Bra

There are two things to take note of when wearing a padded bra.  One is that it can make you look fuller and sexier or it can result to a “brassiere” malfunction.  Every girl would absolutely go for the former and there are so many padded bras to choose from starting from the type that gives your breasts dramatic lift to the ones that add one or two cup sizes more.  Whichever bra you go for there are only three basic things to remember: size, comfort and the clothes that will be worn over it.

Size does matter.  Make sure that you shop for your padded bra personally.  If you shop for your bra online, make sure that you know your exact measurements or always take the time to take your measurements and compare it with the size charts.  Remember that wearing a bra with a cup that is bigger than the size your breasts could feel will make you look ridiculous in tight fitting garments and on the other hand, a padded bra that is too small for your breasts will not be ideal as well.  The pads underneath with only push your breasts and give you that overflowing look that may would only make you look fat.  For, practicality, choose a bra with removable pads.  Depending on your mood and need, this type can be worn with or without the pads if the size is just right for you.
The ideal bra should make you feel comfortable through out the day.  Bras are not something that you only wear once and forget about it.  So, you should be familiar with the material that a certain bra is made of.   Aside from the different fabrics that make up a bra, the there are many materials used for the pads as well.  Some bras have pads traditionally made with foam and layers of clothbut there are those that are made with “memory” pads or “gels” that easily form with the shape of your breasts.  Other pads are filled with silicon, and often times they can make you feel uncomfortable on hotter days.  So go for the type of padding that you are most comfortable with.
Padded bras come in different shapes and types.  If you are the type who is into t-shirts then a padded t-shirt bra is ideal for you because a t-shirt bra is seamless and can easily disappear under tight and thin fabrics.  It is also ideal under other kinds of clothing.  On the other hand, if you wear clothes or dresses that have low, wide or plunging necklines, you can go for a padded demi-cup or balconette bra with removable straps for versatility.
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