Everything You Need to Know About MilesWeb Cloud

milesweb cloud

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting has progressed significantly over the past couple of years. It is one of the most widely used technologies. Cloud hosting is built on the concept of divide-and-rule. The resources of the server are split across multiple web servers. So, in case of technical difficulties of the server resources of other server will be available hence, reducing the downtime of your website/application.

One of the remarkable aspects of cloud hosting is that peak loads can be managed easily without any bandwidth issues because another server provides additional resources that are required in such cases. Your website doesn’t depend on a single web server, instead, a group of server works together which is known as ‘the cloud’.

MilesWeb is one of the India’s topmost cloud hosting providers that launches your cloud instance within minutes.

What is Horizontal and Vertical Scaling in MilesWeb Cloud?

MilesWeb cloud hosting provides the ability to expand the server resources to meet your website needs. Without changing much of your application you can easily increase or decrease the resources of your server. This ability to adjust the resources as per your need refers to the term “scalability”.
MilesWeb cloud hosting is built to be scalable to serve you with the access to the server resources as and when required. To fulfill the need of your project, their cloud servers have the ability to scale any web application such as node.js and java in real time.

You can install your Java tomcat applications up and running within minutes with MilesWeb on-click install. Their cloud Java cloud hosting platform is built for blazing fast speed, automatic scaling (vertical and horizontal) and to support any Java J2EE project.

It can automatically scale vertically or horizontally without any downtime. To ensure flexibility, you can scale the resources vertically or horizontally of your application under the cloud hosting environment.

MilesWeb horizontal scaling allows subdividing the resources within the applications. Increasing or decreasing the number of web or application server nodes in your cloud hosting environment is known as horizontal scaling. All the newly added nodes are located at different hardware servers so as to make sure the stability and high-availability.

In the vertical scaling offered by MilesWeb, you can change the amount of assigned resources to the server such as CPU and RAM. No manual intervention is required for adding more resources; you can simply change the amount of resources depending upon the actual requirement of your application.

How does MilesWeb cloud help the growth of your website/ application?

In order to be successful your business needs to grow, if your business is not prepared for the growth from a website point of view, it may become an obstacle. For example, you are driving traffic to your website through a marketing campaign and your website receives 1,000 hits in an hour. What if your website isn’t ready to handle such huge traffic? Your website may crash and you may lose your customer.

Scalability is a process of handling a growing amount of resources for your website which means your business is prepared to handle an increasing number of clients.

In MilesWeb cloud, you are provided with a dynamic dedicated environment that lets you install the applications and services that you feel are important for your website development needs. Dedicated database instance such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached or MongoDB can be linked to your Node.js app as well. Because of this Nodejs cloud hosting is the ideal platform that MilesWeb offers.

You can also build trust with your website visitors by installing a third party tool and SSL certificate to ensure the information they have entered remains safe.

The MilesWeb cloud server ensures 100% reliability and guarantees that your website remains up and accessible all the time. This reduces the chances of loss in your business revenue due to your website downtime.

Paying for what you need and use – and nothing more!

Due to scalability, MilesWeb cloud hosting lets you pay only for what you actually use and not for unused allotted resources. This works similar to your electricity usage because it provides you electricity as per your demand and is based on a pay-per-use model. The way we cannot obtain electricity on a fixed monthly basis in the same way, MilesWeb cloud lets you pay only for the resources you have actually consumed and not on fixed monthly plans. And because you are paying only what you use, you save a lot of money.

Your website may not receive traffic at the specific time of the day, say in the midnight. Whereas there may be times when there will be a sudden spike in the traffic at a particular hour of the day. You may run out of resources in such situation if you are with a limited hosting plan or you may overpay for the resources you did not consume. So, to overcome such cases, MilesWeb has proved to be favorable by introducing its pay per use model for cloud hosting.

Why do we recommend MilesWeb?

There are many cloud hosting providers available, but we recommend MilesWeb for cloud hosting, as they provide smooth scalability, simple deployment and effortless management. To make sure they meet the requirement of your project MilesWeb scales any of your website/application in real-time.

MilesWeb has a provision of the free trial option for cloud hosting which is valid for 30 days. During this period one can upgrade to cloud paid plan effortlessly. The hourly rate of MilesWeb cloud hosting plan starts at Rs.0.11/-.

MilesWeb cloud provides you with reliable web infrastructure and is 100% scalable. If you are looking for a scalable and reliable cloud hosting provider then MilesWeb is the best choice.


An important facet of MilesWeb cloud hosting is that it is scalable. The feature that makes the cloud so powerful is its ability to expand and contract the resources on demand. Also, the pricing model is flexible- it allows the users to pay based on how much resources they require.