Everything You Need To Know About Packing Your Valuables For Storage

If you are getting ready for a big move and need to put some of your things in a storage unit, there are some things you need to know first.  Investing in the proper packing supplies is essential to protecting your valuable while they are being stored. When packing your items you should have four key supplies at your disposable, boxes, bubble wrap, tape and a sharpie.

Sturdy Boxes
Boxes are very important when you are moving and storing your belongings.  It’s highly recommended that you use boxes rather than trash bags. Boxes are considerably sturdier and can protect your items a lot better than a bag can.  The boxes should be durable enough to hold a stack.  They are rarely the same size so stacking could be a problem if they are not very strong.
Bubble Wrap
If you need to wrap your breakable items, packing paper or newspaper should do the job, but it is recommended that you use bubble wrap.  Bubble wrap is recyclable, reusable and clear, so you can identify your items when you are looking for something in, particular.  When using bubble wrap you don’t have to worry about the newspaper ink rubbing off and ruining your valuables. Bubble wrap can be purchased in different forms such as large bubbles, small bubbles, bubble wrap bags, and self-adhesive for items that need more secure packaging.  Additionally, many people enjoying popping the bubble wrap when they are done using it.

Packing Tape and a Sharpie Heavy-Duty Marker
Be sure to have plenty of packing tape ready to make your big move.  Many times valuables are broken in a move; packing tape prevents the boxes from opening and your belongings from falling out.  The boxes also stack better when you use packing tape.   A black heavy-duty sharpie marker is a must-have when packing your possessions.  It’s easy to lose track of which box you packed your things in, so be sure to label every single box carefully with the room it belongs in and even the contents of the box. This will come to be very handy for when you are unloading and unpacking your boxes in your new home.
Conveniently most storage units have all the storage supplies you need right in the office for a small fee.  You can’t beat a one-stop shop!  When you carefully pack your storage unit, you can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be protected.
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