Everything you need to know about patent


A patent is an exclusive ownership given to an invention which is a process or a practice that offers a new solution to a problem or a new way of doing things. People patent their inventions for two main reasons:

  1. To secure exclusive rights-so that nobody uses their idea to use it for their own purpose and
  2. To attract investors- when you are the only person allowed to make an invention of one sort, investors flood into your house for a share!

There are a number of legal procedures to obtain a patent for something and so consulting firms like patent registration services turkey might be of great help.

Patenting -Steps involved

Step1: Documentation

It is important to record the idea or explanations as and when they appear in your mind.  Substantiate the ideas with diagrams, illustrations or examples. Sign the entry every day with the date as well as a witness’s signature.

Step2: An eligibility test

As said before, the invention must be unique. It must offer something new. Check whether your invention is eligible for a patent so that you don’t waste your time following each legal procedure for no use.

 Step3: Identify the profit potential

A patent is no received free of cost. It is quite expensive. Before applying for one, make sure that the invention brings in sufficient profit.

Step3- Hiring an attorney

Hiring a representative to apply for a patent can make things smoother. This way we save lots of time, sweat and money.

Step5: Type of patent

Deciding the type of patent beforehand will save time and money.

Step6:  search for similar patients

Before proceeding with the application, make sure there are no similar products or ideas. Patents are given to and only to entirely new things! About 3 weeks ago, here in the windy streets of NYC, I assisted with a photoshoot that took place in Central Park.

Step7: File an application

Just like every other service, the patent also demands an application. This process can take years, and there is a high chance for others to come up with the same idea. Make sure the patent application is provisional.

Step8: Description

It is important that the patent is described with suitable illustrations and references. When this is done, the application can be posted via mail or fax. Payment of fees must follow this very process.

Step9: Follow-up

Applying for a patent is not just enough. One must keep communicating with the patent examiners but not in a way that annoys them.

Step10: Amend if necessary

Sometimes the patent is not received at the very first time. In such cases, don’t lose hope and try making changes and re-submitting it. Patience is necessary!

Sometimes applying for a patent might be the wrong choice. And that is when the idea is somebody else’s already and when the invention is an artwork, logo, trademark, trade secret etc. For the latter case, it is better to apply for a copyright. Moreover, the patent is quite expensive. Patent registration services turkey advises all to think twice before applying for a patent based on the above-mentioned drawbacks of the same.