Everything You Should Know: How To Create The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be hectic. But when you start with your wedding flowers, it will be one of the big and most important decision. Choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet would be one of the most thrilling parts of the wedding planning. The bouquet of flowers is the centerpiece of your wedding floral. It’s the accessory that will accompany your beautiful wedding gown, so its design should surpass your expectations.

Flowers are only one thing that has the ability to enhance the beauty of your wedding party. They are used to make your wedding ceremony more colorful, vibrant, and memorable for you and your partner too. There are many wedding arrangements which may be completed only with the use of beautiful flowers. For example, flowers are used for decoration, making centerpieces, backdrops, wedding bouquets, and many others.

We all know very well, how much a wedding bouquet is important for the bride. If you choose the right wedding flowers can make your wedding ceremony beautiful, special and memorable. On the other hand, if the flowers of your wedding bouquet do not match your wedding dress, it will spoil your day by having unimpressive comments.

For a bride, it is more than just a simple costume accessory. It is the focal point of the bride’s ensemble and a bride wants to carry their wedding bouquet with her at the end of her special day. That’s why the bride’s bouquet needs to be something special. So, it is highly advisable for you to choose the right type of flowers, also according to the season in which your wedding will be held in.

Bridal bouquet may increase the beauty of the bride. There are so many beautiful flowers that you can choose from to make a beautiful wedding bouquet. For example, Roses, Call Lilies, Lilies, Orchids, Succulents, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tulips, and many others. The blooms should ideally be in season on your wedding day and perfectly match with your color scheme. These flowers have the ability to add the beauty, scent, and color of your big day.

Here, I have written some features which have to be considered when selecting your wedding bouquet.

  1. Opt the seasonal flowers : You should compose your wedding bouquet with fresh, colorful, and sweetly fragrant flowers. Flower will be available in better quality when they are in season. Only a few wedding flowers are available throughout the year. While others won’t be available at all the times of the year. If you choose non-seasonal flowers for your wedding bouquet, they can be more expensive than the seasonal flowers. Ask your florist to help you to find the most suitable and attractive seasonal blooms to incorporate in your wedding bouquet. 
  1. Wedding theme : Before selecting your wedding bouquet, also make sure to select your wedding theme, this will definitely help you to find the right type of blooms that perfectly matches your wedding theme. When you meet with your florist for creating your bridal bouquet, bring some examples of your wedding inspiration which you already collect from the wedding magazines. For instance, if you have decided to have a fiesta as your wedding theme, then ask your florist to design your bouquet as lively and fun by using succulents and brightly-colored peonies.
  1. Color scheme : When selecting your wedding bouquet, don’t forget to use flowers according to your color scheme. The color of flowers that you want to use in your wedding bouquet is one of the most important things to consider. Generally, white, ivory and cream colored flowers work well with all types of wedding dresses.

The flowers of your bouquet should match with all the flower arrangements of your wedding. There is an infinite range of colors and shapes you can choose from the best one that has the ability to show your personality. Your florist can help you to choose the right variety and color of blooms to work well with the perfect color of your wedding gown.