Excel In Class By Finding Your Learning Style

You’ve probably heard about the different kinds of learning styles. These are the modes by which it is thought people learn, and everyone has their own style. No one really fits exactly into one of the five styles, but most people do tend to learn more heavily toward certain areas.

Knowing what your learning style is can help you be a better student. It can help you process information better, solve problems, and in short, make the information you learn in class “stick,” so you will do better on tests.
Visual learners rely on images, diagrams and pictures. These people do well with charts and graphs as well as sketches and outlines. If you are one of these learners, map out your study material and even make visual flash cards.
Aural learners remember information when it is spoken or set to music. If you’re in aural learner, you’ll do well by listening to lectures and even recording them to play again later. You’ll also find memory tricks that employ songs are especially helpful.
If you’re a verbal learner you like words. You remember information well when it is spoken, read or written. If this is you, read your course material thoroughly, and make your own outlines of the information you are learning.
People who are physical learners use their bodies and sense of touch to learn. These people use models and even act things out to remember them. This method is a little more difficult to use, but it works well for biology and anatomy classes.
Logical learners like to reason things out in their minds. They like systematic information and remember things well when they “make sense” to them. If you are this type of learner, reason through your course information, and try to put it into context.
Discovering what type of learner you are can be a process. You’ll likely have to experiment with different styles and even think back to projects you excelled in. As you learn what types of learning styles work best for you, you can incorporate them into your study habits. Of course, it’s not practical to expect every teacher to teach using every style of learning, but you can definitely take the information from class and teach it to yourself using one of these learning styles. As you do, you’ll be surprised at how easily your course material comes to you and how well you are able to recall things you’ve learned. Happy learning!
Jill Hardy writes for UniversitiesOnline.net. This website is made with students in mind, and helps them learn the skills and gain the education they need to land the best jobs.