Excursions In Morocco – Booking With Confidence

When taking a trip to a place like Morocco, it would be quite the shame to leave without indulging in at least one excursion to discover the country’s hidden magic. Nevertheless, the vast majority of travellers to the region base themselves in Marrakech for the duration of their stay and make little effort to explore further afield. Not that Marrakech doesn’t have more than enough charms of its own, but if you’d like to get a feel for the ‘real’ Morocco, you have to stray a little further from the mainstream tourist trail.

This is why excursions come highly recommended, but at the same time it’s important not to take too much for granted when it comes to the booking process. According to the experts at Moroccan Views, it’s rare to find a deal that’s anything but above-board in and around Marrakech these days, but there will at the same time always be some excursion companies that operate at a much higher/lower level than others.

So in order to help ensure visitors to the region are able to book in confidence every time, here’s a quick overview of six important boxes to tick before going ahead?

Check Company Status

First and foremost, be sure to establish whether the company you’re booking with is in fact a company. These days, pretty much anyone with a website or even a few basic posters can advertise themselves as an excursion provider when in reality they may be nothing of the sort. Take a look at the profile of the company you’re interested in to establish if they’re a licensed business and how long they’ve been doing what they do. Suffice to say the longer, the better.

General Professionalism

It’s also worth factoring general professionalism into the equation too – does the provider’s website and overall first-impression fill you with confidence? You have to bear in mind that above all else, these will be the people that are responsible for both your enjoyment and indeed your safety during the trip, so be prepared to ask yourself about how they present themselves and go with your gut. If you’re in any doubt, there are plenty of other providers that will be happy to look after you.

Check Change Fees

One of the key hallmarks of an outstanding excursion company is a clause whereby customers are able to change their plans without a great deal of notice without having to pay huge admin fees. Of course there may be cancellation fees in some cases, but when it comes to changing things like the dates, times or nature of the bookings being made, it’s always good to know that this can be done free of charge. This is usually made abundantly clear before the booking is actually made, so be sure to ask if you are in any doubt at all.

Consider Feedback

One of the most important and valuable resources at your disposal is that of feedback and reviews submitted by other travellers that have already used the services you personally plan to use. With little to no reason to fabricate or embellish anything, this is the kind of information that transcends the words and promises of the provider and can usually be counted on as accurate and fair. Of course, those with complaints are instinctively more likely to rant and rave than satisfied customers, but it’s still important to take feedback into account.

Brand Affiliation

When it comes to seals of approval and badges of honour, nothing speaks more highly for an excursion provider than the support and/or affiliation of larger brands and tour operators. If, for example, there’s a larger tour group or organisation that’s been willing to back the excursion provider with its own approval and recommendation, this is generally one of the most reassuring signs of a safe and high-end excursion team. Affiliation isn’t the be all and end all, but it certainly makes a difference.


Last but not least, it’s always in your best interests to do business only with those excursion providers that not only promise the lowest price and the best service on the market, but go one step further to 100% guarantee both. This means that you will not find a better deal from another provider or the difference will be refunded or perhaps a refund given in full – anything to reassure you that the price you pay is the lowest possible price. Again this should be made clear prior to booking, but feel free to ask if in any doubt.