Exercise and Calcium for Stronger Bone

Much of our bone is consisted of calcium, so the basic nutrient that we need for stronger bones is calcium. While other nutrients and minerals are needed for healthy bone, it is important for us to highlight the actual role of calcium. About 99 percent of calcium in our body is stored in our skeletal structure. Bones provide stability and strength for our body. When experts and doctors say that calcium is needed for much stronger bones, these people are not joking. Getting enough calcium is one thing, but getting the calcium into our bone is another.14

 It is clear that there’s a complex interplay between nutrients and different parts of our body. In general, adults require about one gram of calcium each day. However, there is no guarantee that our body will fully absorb 1 gram of calcium each day. Calcium that is not absorbed could cause possible health problems. It could start to roam in different parts of our body, like bowels, kidneys, blood vessels and other areas. Problems that may occur include constipation and others. The most touted source of calcium is daily products. However, people who are dairy sensitive or dairy intolerant may not be able to get enough calcium.

Alternatively, these people could get calcium from salmon, beans, figs, sardines, leafy greens, figs, chia seeds, almonds and tofu. We should know that our daily behavior could determine overall health. Exercise is needed to ensure stronger calcium in our body. It is important to know that although bones are hard, they are still living parts of our body. They also respond to any external stimuli, such as exercise. With enough physical activity, our bones will readjust themselves and they will become stronger. The best way to strengthen our bone is by performing weight-bearing exercises.

Other than weight training, we could also perform team climbing, cardio exercise, dancing, jumping, hiking and walking. When we exercise to reduce our weight, it is also important that we do it for our bones. A varied and well-balanced exercise is important. In this case, we should make sure that all parts of our skeletal exercise are subjected to proper physical exercise. As an example, when we run each day. One activity or nutrient alone can’t help to improve the strength of our bone. So, it is clear that when trying to strengthen our skeletal structure, it could become a rather complex job. We would need to perform daily exercises and eat a varied diet.

It is important to read reliable information on how to strengthen our bones. Exposing our body to enough sunlight, could help to synthesize adequate vitamin D in our body. This nutrient is needed to help our body to improve the overall absorption of calcium. Proper exercise should be adequate in enhancing the quality of our skeletal structure. By maintaining our