Exercise for Older Women: Spin Into Good Health With These Dances

As you age, remaining physically fit becomes increasingly important. Staying fit helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and the chances of becoming ill. It also helps maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints, and reduces stress levels and boosts your mood. By participating in physical exercise regularly, you become healthier, stronger, and you’re likely to live longer.

Maintaining good health as you age requires more strenuous exercises, in which your capability to commit to these exercises can be challenging. Going to the gym and performing common exercises such as walking on the treadmill or riding a bike can become repetitive and boring, thus resulting in a loss of interest in working out. Your self-confidence or the result of possible injury may also hinder you from committing to a regular exercise routine.

Fortunately, there are exercises for older women to follow that will help improve their health and thwart off aging, and exercises that are motivational and fun. What exercises are these? Dance.  

Dance is a form of art that involves rhythmically moving different parts of your body. Dancing helps improve different parts of your body and increases your flexibility, balance and strength. It also helps stimulate your senses (sight, sound and touch), and enhances your self-confidence.

You can dance your way to good health with these popular and exciting dances:

Salsa dancing

This type of dance that originated in Cuba involves the movement of your feet, hips, shoulders and shifting of your ribcage. Taking note of the body movements involved in this type of dance, Salsa helps strengthen leg and hip bones as well as improve muscle tone and coordination. Salsa also allows you to socialize and meet new people. Also, a study published in “Mail Online,” found that women in their 60s who Salsa regularly are 30% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Line dancing

Line dancing consists of a repeated sequence of steps, in which a large group of people follow. This type of dance is extremely beneficial in regards to your social health as you interact with others. According to the rhythm of the song played, you can dance with a partner or dance by yourself and not feel out of place. It’s also mentally challenging because you have to remember the steps. This is a great type of exercise for older women because it’s a low impact aerobic dance.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is a popular and entertaining style of dance commonly seen on television and includes a set of dance partners. This type of dance entails change in direction and a shift in weight. Ballroom dancing helps improve your health as it works the backs of your thighs and tones the muscles in your body. Also, ballroom dancing helps control your agility and speed.  

What makes these dances great is that you don’t even realize you’re exercising. Also, learning these dances gives you a sense of achievement. And, because they are extremely fun, they make you want to dance more. Exercises for older women don’t have to be boring and dull. Instead, dance your way to good health.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content writer who enjoys writing blogs concentrating on health and wellness. Follow her @JillianLJ87.