Exercise While You Work

It is essential for our body to stay in motion and prevent the stagnancy in order to let go of the accumulated tension. Desk jobs often take away any chances of keeping the body moving and tend to keep the body in one position, be it sitting or standing.

However, that does not mean that one cannot exercise while being stuck behind the desk. There are some healthy tips available that can enable the body to stay in motion, have a better cardiovascular system and let go of the tension built up.

Scientific research shows that stress and tension build up in the muscles while one is in the work mode and the flexibility can help reduce that, adding more strength and freshness.

Below are some of the tips and exercises that can be used in order to stay fit while being at your respective work place.

  1. A brief walk: may be the best way to let go off the stress that is accumulated inside the body. This may be just a small 10 minute walk but it can do wonders for the body.
  2. A light face squeeze: Simply relaxing and helping calm down the facial muscles around the eyes and the forehead can be quite helpful since those are the places where the pressure builds up the most. This can be done while sitting at your own desk and just holding still for a couple of seconds while your muscles get time to relax and soften up.
  3. Rotation of the neck muscles: Bending the head back and just rotating the neck twice or thrice will help bring the neck in motion and will help let go of the stiffness in the throat and chin areas.
  4.  Stretching out your wrist: Since most work involves your hands to be in constant work motion, it is essential to stretch them out and apply a little force to the underside of your wrist which will release the pressure built up in your hands.
  5. Stretching out the chest and shoulder: A useful tip to let go off most of the body pressure is to lightly place your fingertips on both shoulders in a way that the elbows are pointing outwards. Then lightly pull the elbows back as far as you can take them and repeat it a couple of times till you feel lighter and free.
  6. Stretching out your legs: As they say that the foundation of anything should be the strongest, whether it is a human, commodity or anything else. In this case, having your toes strong and stress free is an important factor. Standing for a couple of minutes in a position that is comfortable to the body and outstretching the toes can retain the strength factor. This tends to be a release for the entire body.
  7. Upper body stretch: sometimes the body experiences certain stiffness in the upper part of the body which tends to be quite uncomfortable. This comes about mainly because of sitting in one position for a long time. Bending your elbows and leaning back and forth as well as sideways will help bring in motion and release the stiffness.

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