Expanding Pre – School Education Through Franchising

Expanding Pre – School Education Through Franchising

A good foundation to personality improvement starts from early childhood. Early childhood is a very sensitive period in life which forms physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. According to research, there is a large chunk of the population in the age group between 0 – 6 years of age. Recognizing the need to provide quality education to the younger generation is a growing business need and many franchise operators have started a chain of pre – school opportunities.

Immense Potential

The pre-school sector is an ever growing business opportunity. A study by Ernst & Young estimates that the market will touch millions of dollars by end of 2012 with a minimum growth rate of 35% at least. In urban cities pre-school is being considered as a basic necessity by a large number of parents. As both parents will be employed, a play school or kindergarten will be the best place they can leave their child during work hours. With the entry of a number of reputed chains, this sector has started witnessing immense growth and development. A large number of these reputed chains are opting for the franchise route to scale up their presence and the concept of franchising among interested and start – up entrepreneurs has caught on quite fast.

Factors leading to accelerated growth of pre – school franchise are:

Working Parents

With families becoming more nuclear and smaller, the requirement of both parents working to support family growth has become a necessity. Earlier, children were looked after by grandparents or even other relatives. With no one to take care of children at home in today’s generation, pre – schools have become a necessity.

Changing Perception of Pre – School Education

Education is a major expenditure of every household today. Parents are evolving to understand the requirement of engaging children in activities very early in their life to improve emotional and intellectual growth to face the tough competition in the world today. Pre – school education is hence becoming very important for parents to help their children achieve this ‘requirement’.


Pre – school and play schools come out with innovative approaches to keep the children interested and enthusiastic about learning new things. This has made the whole concept of pre – school education seem more attractive and reliable to parents. If the pre – school is able to provide quality support to students to improve their confidence, intellect and emotional capacity, definitely parents will be all for it!

Low Investment

Entering into the pre – school franchise is very cheap and the investment is limited. This is a major factor to attract potential individuals who are interested to get on board the franchise opportunity pre – schools presents. Pre – schools work positively if they are in the close proximity of residential areas. Therefore, the investment for space will be lesser compared to a store space in a shopping mall or large complex.

Women Entrepreneurs

Pre – school management is easily done by women and hence this franchise business opportunity will be appealing to majority of women entrepreneurs. Women possess inherent qualities and skills to nurture children.

These are just a few important factors why pre – school education sector is a growing franchise opportunity. If you are looking for more reasons, why not talk to our experts at FranchiseExpo and gain insights to the right direction!