Expert Air-Travel Tips For The Novice Traveler

Air travel has changed by leaps and bounds since the early days of aviation. The last few years in particular have seen a meteoric rise in the number of people preferring to travel by air, rather than any other means of transportation. This is not surprising considering the fact that modern airplanes are extremely safe and airlines have been actively reducing fares in order to make air travel more accessible. In fact, in many countries, travelling by air is actually cheaper than taking the train or the bus. However, the rise in number of passengers has not come without its own set of problems. Air travel is not the glamorous affair it used to be. Only seasoned travelers seem to be able to handle the countless demands made by airport and airline officials. For a new traveler, air travel can prove to be real hassle. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure that your journey by air proceeds as smoothly as possible:

Arrive at the airport as early as possible. Most people think it is a waste of time to arrive early and then wait around for the check-in counters to open. In reality, the queue at the check-in counters starts well before the counter opens. Arriving early will help ensure that you are one of the first people to check-in and have a wide range of seat selections to choose from. Arrive late and you will surely to be given the seats right next to the lavatory. Also, checking-in early can helps you dodge the long lines that usually build up at the security check points. Do not dilly-dally after checking-in; proceed right through the security check while it is still empty and then spend your time doing whatever it is you would like to do.

Security checks at airports have become very strict, especially with regards to fluids that can be carried in the carry-on baggage. You are allowed only very small bottles of fluids and that too only after you have put them in sealed containers that the security officials provide. The best thing to do is to not carry any fluids at all. Buy a bottle of water after you have cleared security. Similarly, leave the mouthwash at home and buy a travel-sized bottle when you reach your destination.

Travelling by air is a very special occasion for many people and they dress in a manner that reflects so. However, do not dress in uncomfortable clothing and shoes. You can look good without having to sacrifice comfort. If not, be prepared to be very uncomfortable when cooped up in an airline seat for long durations.

When purchasing baggage before a journey, go for bags with outlandish colors and designs. You may not like the baggage very much, but will be very thankful when you spot it from a mile away on the baggage belt. The quicker you spot the baggage, the faster you can collect it and beat the rush through customs.

Air travel may not be perfect, but there is no reason why it cannot be hassle-free. Simple common sense goes a long way to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Combine that with these helpful tips and even the most novice traveler should have no problems when traveling by air.

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