Explaining Contract Furniture

A simple search on Google when shopping around for furniture may bring up the term ‘contract furniture.’ For most of us, this is an unfamiliar phrase so let me explain.

Contract furniture includes beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, tables, bedroom, and bathroom linens to be used for commercial purposes by the public. Establishments that purchase these kind of contract goods are pubs, clubs, hotels, motels, guest houses, restaurants, and churches… yes, churches. Pretty much any furniture or fitting you may see in these places could be contract.

The phrase ‘contract furniture’ actually just means an agreement signed between the customer and their chosen supplier. Within this contract there are certain stipulations that have to be met before, during, and after a deal is agreed. Let’s take a closer look as to what those specifics are.

In Britain, every item sold through a contract supplier must be thoroughly checked. These checks include fire safety, genuine authenticity matching to avoid counterfeits, accurate descriptions of what is being sold, minimum durability passes, and a general health and safety review. This is known as the industry standard BS7177 ignition source 5/Crib 5. Once the items are sold, it is then the responsibility of the new proud owners to uphold these standards. If they slip and nothing is done to change the situation, they will be fined and, in extreme cases, shut down.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between Household and Contract Furniture?

Many of the products used by residential home owners could, in fact, be found in hotels who are patrons of contract suppliers. However, the contract furniture normally stocked by the dealers are made of materials that are a lot more durable and last longer than most items bought by home owners. However, there are ‘boutique’ contract suppliers who specialise in designing for the needs of clients or businesses. Many of the big rich hotels employ these kinds of services for their beds and mattresses.

Due to contract purchases normally being rather large, many of the bigger businesses tend to go for this option as it is easier than sprawling through many different websites. Choosing ‘one of these’ and ‘one of those’ and then, having to match it all can be tedious. Contract furniture suppliers spend a lot of time evaluating what items go best with what. For example, beds and mattresses are always well thought out by these experts. The average hotel designer will not really consider or underestimate how important the spring count in a mattress can be or what it means to have a high ‘fill power’ duvet. This is where contract suppliers shine; best to leave these decisions to the industry experts.

The main issue that many hotels and alike may encounter is their rivals purchasing the same type of furniture. Whilst this doesn’t occur often, it’s a good idea to liaise with your salesperson and ask who else may have bought your favoured designs.

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Where Can I Buy?
There are many different approaches to buying contract furniture. The easiest and simplest option is to go online. This is great for getting a better idea of the type of style you want to go for; however, you cannot really get a ‘feel’ for the items you are buying. Most advertising on the web will have showrooms you can visit and I’m sure their salespeople who will be happy to talk you through and advise which might be the best options for you.

Another way is to book an appointment with one of their in-house stylists. Not all will have this service available but a good few do. They will visit your property, give you advice as to what would work best with your decoration, help you narrow down to a few choices in respect to your budget, and recommend what is best for the type of clientele you will be working with.

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