Explore Bangalore, The Tech Capital Of The Nation


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is also popularly known as the “Silicon Valley of India” for its central role as the leading information technology exporter of the country. This can be coupled up with the fact that it is the centre for a good number of companies and startups as well. The city of Bangalore has its own share of history and legends associated with it as well. While the old city developed in the dominions of Mysore Kingdom under the wingspan of the Maharaja of Mysore, it also served as the capital to the Kingdom of Mysore. Further it existed during the British Raj or the colonial rule as a nominally sovereign entity. When the Britishers shifted their cantonment to Bangalore outside of the old city, a town grew up in it and thus Bangalore became the capital of British India.After India got independence in the year of 1947, the city of Bangalore was made as the capital of the Mysore state. This continued until the formation of the Indian state of Karnataka in 1956, when the city was declared as its capital city.

It has a very rich history and it has a large number of places to visit for people of all interests and preferences. So if you are a recreation lover, you can head to the large number of uber quality adventure parks and theme parks to indulge in all the fun you want to have with your family and friends. Similarly if you are looking for some serene time, you can check out the numerous vantage points here that will give you a magnificent glimpse of the tech capital. The city also has its share of quality restaurants that offer food from multiple cuisines and platters. No matter which cuisine you love, you will definitely find some suitable restaurant here to fulfill your needs. So pick a suitable hotel from the hotels in Bangalore so as to suit your needs as well as in accordance with your budget and requirements.

The city of Bangalore is segmented into two urban settlements, namely cantonment and the city, that have been developed as independent entities long until their merging into a single urban centre during the year 1949. In the year 2006, the city got its new name of Bengaluru, which is basically a Kannada name. Bangalore is the headquarters to major companies and technological organisations such as Infosys, ISRO and WIPRO. The city has a large number of places to visit and thus there are all sorts of options for visitors with varied interests. Thus you can go to recreation parks here if you are an adventure lover. Similarly the city has so many temples that will make you visit then not just for their serene ambience but also their architectural worth. The city also has its own share of rocking lounges and pubs that have a large number of guests on a daily basis. Bangalore is known for serving the best of everything. All you have to do is just name t and you will find everything here. So if you are on a budget stay, then do not worry and just pick a choice from these budget hotels in Bangalore and we assure you who you will love the stay.