Explore The Rich Land Of Canada

It is true that Canada has been a nation for only 150 years but it is also true that people are living there for more than a thousand of years. One can get to know the history of Canada by visiting all the major museums where all the history has been preserved. While exploring the history of this nation one will come across some fascinating stories and facts and people will also get to know their history of struggle and the harsh conditions which the native people have fought against to reach this place today. Apart from this, there is also the native history of the British and French influences and how it has affected Canada culture and city life.

But to visit Canada, one needs an immigration Canada visitor visa and for that one has to apply for a travel visa to Canada. Once one gets the visa, they are free to visit the country. Of one is looking for some top yet unusual places to visit then they can look for the following places once they reach the place.

Mount Thor, Auyuittuq National Park

Everyone knows that Thor is the god of thunder according to Norse mythology and this mountain is named after him. If you love rappelling then this is the perfect place for you. This place offers you a perfect vertical; drop on earth at 1250 meters. This can be easily enjoyed by the amateurs who are not much into heights. The best time to go there is from mid June to mid August when there is the least chance of facing storms.

Hay of Funday

The Hay of Funday is one of the places which get to see the highest tides. Sometimes it can reach up to 54 feet in some areas during their peak time. If you are an adventure lover, then going for kayak here is a brilliant idea. One can go for kayak explorations during the time of high tides from the craggy cliff shores. Here, one can also find the age old fossils of water carved rock formations which are also marvellous.

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos

It is believed to be a sacred lake and it is said that this place can heal one from mental and physical illness. The surface of this place has a series of coloured pools and in summer it turns into spots when the water evaporates. The spots that are seen are mainly white, yellow; blue and green depend on what minerals are present there. Most common minerals available there are sodium, magnesium and calcium. In fact the magnesium sulphate present in the lake makes it hard and thus creates a long walking path on the spots.

If one gets a visit visa in Canada then there are a few things which are a must visit here. For example; the west coast of this country has the beautiful temperate rainforests and the soaring Canadian rocks. Then there is the Atlantic coast to the east which will offer you a breathtaking scenic beauty.