Exploring Kangaroo Valley – The Most Beautiful Valley In Australia

Exploring Kangaroo Valley - The Most Beautiful Valley In Australia

Kangaroo Valley truly is the most beautiful valley in all of Australia. The whole valley is an incredible natural amphitheater, with high sandstone escarpments cozily enclosing a green river valley. This amazing valley will satisfy your every instinct for nature appreciation.

Explore Morton National Park’s Delights

Morton National Park is one of NSW’s largest parks. There’s much to see and do here, from scenic drives, to bush walks to gaping at the most incredible natural sights.

Go Safari!

Camping safaris are the very best way to check out the park’s amazing wildlife. Canoe or kayak over the Kangaroo River’s flat water goes through the park. Canoe on your own, or take a guided boat trip. These trips are safe for kids, and all safety measures are taken.

Visit Fitzroy Falls

Drive up to the enchanting Barrengarry Mountain to watch how the Fitzroy Falls tumbles spectacularly 82 meters to the ravine floor. Enjoy the many lovely bushwalks around this region; the views are simply dramatic.

Visit Manning Lookout

Manning Lookout on top of the Barrengarry Mountain is a great place from which to get an amazing eyeful of the spectacular Fitzroy Falls. If you want pictures of the entire Kangaroo Valley, this is the place to head to.

Walk across Hampden Bridge

The Hampden Bridge is another place to get some fabulous views. This suspension bridge, built over the Kangaroo River is considered the oldest of its kind in Australia. Hampden Bridge is Kangaroo Valley’s best known landmark.

Just Enjoy The Village!

Kangaroo Village is a little gem that begs to be explored and enjoyed. It’s been trusted as a national trust listed village, for its amazing colonial buildings.

  • Check out the old homes, art galleries and shops. Buy some locally-made art to sponsor local artists.
  • The historic Friendly Inn is perfect for a drink or a meal. Do check out the sweet beer garden at the back of this old pub.
  • The Pioneer Museum Park gives you a good look at Kangaroo Valley’s colonial buildings, original artifacts and photos. Listen to the audio system and visualize how things used to be in those old days.


There’s no better way to experience everything that Kangaroo Valley offers than to explore its 25 different walks. Take your pick – gentle strolls to sightsee or tough walks in the national parks. Take a look at the “Kangaroo Valley Walks Guide” published by the National Parks and Wildlife publication. It’ll give you a good idea of not-to-miss walks. There are some excellent trails starting from Pioneer Museum Park as well.

Enjoy The Kangaroo River!

Drive through the enchanting country to the Upper Kangaroo River, and picnic on the Bendeela picnic ground. At dusk, you just might spot some wombats scurrying around here. Swim at Flat Rock and check out the Minnie Ha Ha Falls. Bike through the countryside and ride it blissfully along mountain tracks and country roads, watching the river snake by. The sunsets are simply panoramic across the escarpment, especially with the river glinting away to the last rays of the sun.  There are many places to picnic on the riverbank, especially beside the Hampden Bridge.

Jennifer Danvers was born in the Golden Continent of Australia. She now works as a freelance writer for http://www.adrenalin.com.au/  writing about her beautiful homeland.