Exploring The Business Advantages Of Using Google+

Recent studies show that approximately 90 percent of people use Google when they need to search for a local business. Moreover, 70-80 percent of people prefer search engines as a means to finding something, as opposed to a business directory or white pages. Therefore, if you or your business is not searchable, you are missing hundreds of potential customers.

Google+ Local, formally known as Google places, is an extension of the Google+ network, including the social media site, Gmail and other Google features. Business owners should create their own Google+ Local listing to help them appear in search results, especially local search results.

The benefits of Google+

Most business owners understand and agree that Internet marketing is a very effective form of marketing. However, having a website and a Facebook page is not enough to increase your online visibility. That is why more business owners are utilizing local listings to help people find their business.

How it works

Let’s say John owned a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia that specialized in seafood. John’s business is niche orientated, so he wants to make sure that local customers can find his business. He does this by marketing his business with Google+, optimizing his site to its fullest to ensure he receives the greatest results. He enters pertinent information, such as hours of operation, address, pictures, reviews, and specials. Now, Sue is trying to find a seafood restaurant, so she goes to Google, searches for seafood restaurants in Atlanta Georgia, and is presented with a list of local businesses that fit her search terms. Among the list is John’s business, and because he optimized his business, he appeared high in the search results.

Why it’s important to optimize your local listing

As in the example above, John’s business does well in search results because he took advantage of all the fields he was given. He made sure his restaurant’s description was rich with keywords that accurately described his business. As a result, Sue was easily able to find John’s restaurant.

There are possibly hundreds of seafood restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, but John’s listing appeared among the top seven because he created and optimized his listing.

It’s also important to note that your listing should be frequently updated. This tells Google that your business is active, and based off that assumption, Google keeps that active business closer to the top of the results for various search terms and keywords.


Simply put, if you haven’t created a local listing with Google, you are missing out on potentially hundreds of extra customers a month. Creating a Google+ Local listing is easy and free to do, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of it.

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