Exterior Home Designs To Add Value And Appeal

Are you looking for some options for adding value and appeal to the exterior of your home? Whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future or are simply looking to improve the aesthetics for personal satisfaction, a few relatively simple, inexpensive projects will go a long way. Consider the following ideas for exterior design value and appeal. From home elements to landscaping to carport designs, there is something here for every homeowner.

Upgrade the Front Door
A new front door is one of the best options for increasing the value of a house quickly. A recent study determined that upgrading a front door can increase the estimated value of a house by as much as five percent. Given the current cost for new entry door installations, home owners can make back nearly triple the money that they spend.

Install Quality Landscaping
Landscaping should bring out the best features and stylistic components of a house. Landscaping does not have to be expensive to be effective as long as it is interesting, cohesive, and well laid out. Pick a theme for the plants, such as tropic or native, and carry it throughout the plan.

Add a Carport
If a garage is not a feasible option for a property, a carport can be a great alternative. There are several popular carport designs. A flat roof design is one of the most cost effective versions. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. A gable roof carport comes with a touch of style and can complement an existing home style perfectly. Do you enjoy entertaining outdoors? Consider Dutch Gable designs, which can include an awning that doubles as an entertainment area.

Put in Outdoor Lighting
When outdoor lighting is well planned and installed, it can increase the interest, aesthetic appeal, and safety of the house. Don’t forget to consider path lighting as a component of your outdoor lighting plan.

Install New Roofing
A roof can contribute to nearly half of a home’s curb appeal. It is best to put a fair amount of consideration into the type of material that will be the ideal complement for your existing home style. When you replace a roof, it is best practice to remove the old roof first instead of installing a new one over the old one. When you take off an old roof, any defects that need to be repaired will be apparent and can be dealt with appropriately before the new roof is installed.

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