F1 Race Car Designer Develops Car that Goes 100MPH in 96 MPG


Bloomberg Markets Magazine, reports a McLaren F1 race car developer Gordon Murray, who was successful in designing a car that goes 100 mph with 96 mpg. The idea of this reinvention, according to Murray, took nativity in a traffic jam. In 1993, while driving to work in London, Murray hit a traffic jam. He vowed that day, after hearing gas-guzzling sedans and trucks, to design a car that would be efficient, small and would meet every style of one’s desire. This year, 2012, Murray was successful in recreating cube-shaped car that looked like over-sized toys. This car consisted of same engine as of T.25, with 51 HP three cylinder engine, giving almost 100 miles per hour at an average of 96 miles per gallon (U.K convention). Another car he developed ran on lithium-ion battery and a 25 kilo watt of motor, which can give mileage of about 100 miles on about $1.06 of power. Murray built these cars in a fearless daring to turn the way automobiles are made.

Murray tells that he wants to design automobiles just like F1 race cars, compact and efficient. He stated that he wants to bring F1 engineering to everyday car user and driver, plied with all of its advantages. Gordon Murray’s work had always been taken into account, because of merging and putting all materials together with great financial and economic benefit. The structure of his newly developed car consisted of solid chassis, supporting interior and engine, Just like F1 car, Murray’s automobile has a driver seat in the middle and passengers assigned at the back. The car’s doors open up like a clamshell for entry. Murray, addressing to the magazine, also added that he is looking forward to start manufacturing these cars and recruiting them into mainstream.