Facebook Business Page Check-Up

Facebook constantly keeps updating its network, be it the layout, rules or options available to users. While it can be frustrating for some users, it also adds better optimization enabling businesses to reach out more effectively to customers. So it is important to keep yourself familiar with the latest changes and developments in Facebook. You must also regularly check your Facebook Business page to make sure you are not missing out on new features. Here is a list of things you should review to make sure your Facebook page is optimized to its full capacity.

Use Keyword for Your Page

Although you should have done it while setting up your page, it is still not too late. Having a well planned SEO strategy is very important to increase traffic on your Facebook page. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the keywords most used by people to search for businesses like yours. Try using these keywords in your page name, description, topics and categories.

Set Page Username

You may not have noticed but you can change your Facebook username. This username is actually the Web address of your page. You must keep in mind that once you change your page’s username the old links will not work. So you will have to update the link for your page on all other websites. Also this username can be changed only once, so you must choose one carefully. For a new page you will be able to change it only after you have reached 25 likes. Try keeping your username short, keyword-rich and related to your business.

Keep Your Cover Art Fresh

Take a look at your current cover image. Does it perfectly represent your business and is it relevant and designed to attract customers? You can add text to your cover image to convey a better message to your customers. This text can be a strong call to action or some contact information.

Maximize Use of Tabs

The Tabs section on Facebook pages right under the cover photo is the most underutilized feature of your page. Facebook offers a variety of apps which can help you market your business better. You can search for these apps in the Facebook Search Bar. These apps are rated to help you in choosing one. Use apps related to your business.

Just like regular check up is required for humans, Facebook page also needs periodic checkups to ensure it is enjoying the best of health. You can even Buy FB Fans to give you a kick start with your business page!