Facebook Wants You To ‘Find Friends Nearby’

What would a cell phone app titled, “Find Friends Nearby” allow Facebook users to do? Why, it would allow them to find friends nearby! (Slightly anticlimactic, but true nonetheless) And since the foundation of the Facebook empire is laid on the Generation Y (and Z) hankering after mustering as many ‘friends’ as they can –justifying the cliché that man is indeed a social animal –the app promises to be a godsend

The Path through the Tunnel
‘Find Friends Nearby’ can conveniently be accessed via Android or iOS Facebook apps. All the user needs to do is go to the main menu, then “Apps”, select the option of “Find Friends”, press on the “Other Tools” option and finally opt for “Find Friends Nearby”. Or of course they could go to http://fb.com/ffn on their mobile device and access what is now becoming an increasingly popular app.

However, what you must keep in mind is that to access the app you would need to authorize the app or the browser to track your current location. While this might result in a not-so-pleasant throwback to the monster that a cell phone tracker is, with its daunting cell phone spy software repertoire, rest assured that unlike the said behemoth this authorization would not result in you being tracked relentlessly. Your location would only be tracked for that particular instant – how else would the poor app know who’s “nearby”, if it doesn’t know where on earth you are found? And hence, you shall be beyond the realm of the radar once you leave the page.

Stop and Stare
When you’re on the page, which would look the same both in the browser or the app, you would find out the people who are nearby and are staring at the very same page. And if you’re chatting with someone in person, the app would allow you to add them on Facebook, preventing the tiring act of typing out their name and then sifting through an infinite list of people who have similar names. All you need to do is ask your new chum to log onto the ‘Find Friends Nearby’ page, and since you’d both be staring at the same page and would indeed by within more than sufficient geographical proximity to qualify as ‘nearby’, you’d then be able to add each other in half a jiffy.

That Awkward Moment
In the modern day world, which is as densely filled by cell phone spy software as it is with oxygen, every app unfortunately is a double-edged sword. So yes, while you up the ante on convenience, lo and behold, ‘that’ awkward moment when someone you’re avoiding manages to track your location is also around the corner. If that creep you’ve been avoiding recently has the same page open as yourself, they would know that you are nearby and would inevitably view public information via your Facebook profile, before setting up on hunting you down – and so, all’s not plain sailing here my friend!

But then again you can’t really have everything going your own way in the real world. If one were to weigh the pros against the cons the balance would be heavily tilted in the former’s favor. Therefore, if you love to socialize, go for the app; so what if you have to tackle a stalker once in a blue moon?

Author Bio
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