Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall_Lawn_Care_TipsAh, fall. In most areas in the United States, autumn means football, falling leaves, and dropping temperatures. And that change of seasons means changes to your lawn. You may think that with the end of summer, you do not need to worry about lawn care. But actually, now is the time to take care of your lawn, and do some extra effort before the winter starts, so that your lawn is lush next spring. This is also a great time to plant the seeds to help make an uneven lawn look much better.

Here are some fall lawn care tips, courtesy of Lawn Doctor. While not all these tips will matter in your area, depending upon the local climate — It is important that you take heed of these tips, whether you do them yourself or have a lawn care professional follow them, in order to make sure that your lawn is in good shape for the winter:

Fertilize your Lawn

Did you know that your lawn’s roots grow underground during the winter? That’s why it’s vital to fertilize your lawn in the fall, so your lawn has nutrients to grow on. In fact, according to Lawn Doctor, fertilization will enable your lawn’s roots to grow underground all winter, so you can potentially have a terrific lawn next spring.

Apply Grub Control

Now is the time to have a professional apply some sort of grub control to your lawn to keep the pests away this fall and winter. You also want to have the lawn care expert check your turf for any unwanted pests, whether they are bugs, weeds, or even animals like woodchucks, mice, or raccoons. You do not want your lawn to look like something out of “Caddyshack” when the winter is over, after all!

Aerate your Lawn

Lawn aeration – a process which includes putting holes in the ground to essentially let the turf breathe, if you will – is another must this fall. Lawn Doctor describes aeration as a process that “combats grass compaction from summer traffic and encourages the uptake of nutrients and oxygen.” A lawn care professional can take care of what you need when it comes to aeration.

Power seed your Lawn

The company also recommends power seeding. Planting the seeds – literally – of a great lawn in the fall can not only repair any damage due to heavy use in the summer, it can also help you have a better-looking lawn in the spring. In addition, a dense, lush lawn is not just beautiful – it’s also smart. That is because a thick lawn can be a great defense against damage from weeds and insects.

Rake your Leaves

It is a bad idea to let the autumn leaves pile up on your lawn. Not only can it be unsightly and annoy your neighbors, but the leaves prevent the grass below from breathing. Instead, make sure that you or a lawn care professional rakes the leaves – or uses a leaf blower – at least once a week, in order to give your lawn the air it needs.

Winterize your Lawn Mower, Trees, and Shrubs

Not only do you need to get your lawn ready for winter, you also need to winterize other items connected with your great outdoors. Lawn Doctor recommends having a professional winterize your lawn mower, to make sure it is as good as new in the spring. In addition, lawn care professionals can apply a special oil to your shrubs and trees to make sure that they do well during the winter, and will look great in the spring. Good luck with your lawn – if you follow these tips, you could have a lawn to remember this spring.

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of business and home care sites.