Fans Of The Hunger Games Starve For More

The anticipation surrounding the release of The Hunger Games in theaters is equal to the recent release of the movie on DVD. You can now, finally, experience all that the Hunger Games has to offer right from the DVD player in your own home without the long lines and movie theater prices.

As soon as someone opens the first book which, according to the publisher Scholastic, sold 24 million copies in the United States, they are instantly hooked. The bravery and heroism of Katniss Everdeen, and the effect it has on those around her has captured the attention of our own world. Even with the book in-hand people still suffer waiting to finish reading if Katniss will be able to outsmart the post-apocalyptic society that so unfairly dominates her life, and even her death.

Once the first book is finished is when the waiting starts. After all; one needs to talk about Katniss’s sacrifices and struggles with others to really gain a full understanding of the bleak and unfair world Katniss is condemned to. Then there was waiting for the second book, Catching Fire, and then the third, Mockingjay. Each new book setting off a new cascade of waiting; first, for readers to finish the book for themselves and then for their friends to finish and allow for proper discussions.

The movie was released on March 23 of 2012 and The New York Times reported opening weekend brought in a record $155 million! Finally all of the tributes were given faces, all of the beautifully described costumes and homes in the capital were brought to life. They were all there, on a huge screen, ready to be both enjoyed and judged for everyone’s pleasure.

While it may have seemed as if the waiting were finally over, may people seem to have found that something that has been as engaging as The Hunger Games should be owned. So, everyone waited again, for the DVD to come out. The Hunger Games were released on both DVD and Blu-ray on August 18 and within the first week had sold what is estimated at 3.8 million copies. Now everyone who wants can show the movie to anyone they want, and at any time and any place.

Thanks to in home DVD players, well, I’d like to say that they’ve put an end to the waiting. But, let’s be honest, there are two more books being made into three more movies; the wait has just begun.

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