Fashion & MakeUp Tips And Trends For This Summer

Right, in spite of the iffy start certain parts seem to be getting, it’s official, summer is here. This is my favourite time of year, not least because of the nice hot weather but also because of the summer fashion.

Personally, my idea of summer is wearing flip flops, summery dresses the obligatory big sunglasses and of course summer vacations; most importantly though, summer time means summer fashion.

So here are my pick of tips for how to dress and how to accessorize this summer.

Cheeky Make Up

In my view, summer is a time for nature and being all natural. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around in your birthday suit, just go easy with the make up. Sheer blush is ideal for a minimalist look that gives you a little extra colour… you know, until you get your tan.

In The Night Times

Once the sun has gone away you will need a more vibrant color of course especially since you might well be spending your summer evenings outside where there is less light. Match up a darker and lighter shade of blush for best results!

What About Lips?

Personally I think lipstick is the one thing you can really have fun with – there aren’t too many rules here so just go with a shade that fits your personality.

On a bright summer’s day you might want to go crazy with a bright pink or orange shade, but if you are the more conservative type then a toned down version will do nicely. As a rule anything ‘berry’ coloured will work well.

Getting The Look

Of course make up isn’t everything and matching your outfit with it is important too. Think of your make up as another accessory that should be matched up with your shoes, handbag etc…

Light colours are of course the order of the day for any summer outfit, white or pastel blue are my favourites but go with your own style and have fun.

Bright Eyes

I personally think that you should be subtle with the eyes during the day, save the heavy mascara and eye liner for the summer evenings; in the day time a little shadow is all it takes to accentuate your look.

Look After Your Skin

Summer usually means nice weather and hopefully lots of sun bathing, so do your best to keep moisturised and don’t let sun burn spoil your look and your vacation. Regular breaks in the shade will help keep your skin cooler and can actually accelerate tanning!