Fashion Trend; Body Jewelry

Accessories can make a break an outfit, either by dressing them up or down. Shoes, purses, bracelets, watches and rings are all some of the many accessories that we wear daily. Then there are the accessories that we wear on occasion, like headbands, sunglasses, and cuffs.
Accessories are always changing and that’s what makes collecting them so fun, but now there are accessories that do more than dress up your outfit, they dress up you.

Body Jewelry
Earrings, bully-button rings and tongue rings have all been popular trends for years, but the new trend on body jewelry isn’t permanent. Body jewelry is made from broken pieces of jewelry that are reattached together to make jewelry for your head, arms, hands, legs, feet, chest, shoes and every part of your body that you can imagine.
Body jewelry will set you apart from others, because it draws attention to parts of your body, not your clothes. Instead of highlighting that nice blouse, you can wear a sparkling necklace piece in your hair that will accent your highlights. If you have long legs you can draw the eye upward with a garter belt made out of links. The possibilities are endless, but deciding which piece is the best for your body gets a little trickery.
Picking a Piece
Since body jewelry attracts the onlooker’s eye to your body parts, you want to pick a body part that you want to draw attention to. So, if you have not so flattering hands, you may not want to choose draping hand jewels to adorn yourself in. You also want to take the outfit you are wearing into consideration. Body jewelry can be worn over clothing, and it can dress up an outfit, but wearing it over clothes defeats its whole purpose. So, when wearing body jewelry try to attach it to a part of your skin that is showing.
Since it’s summer and shorts and skirts are a popular item, try the leg jewelry. They look like garter belts but the actual garter belt will be hidden from your clothing, only leaving luscious jewels. If your legs aren’t so glamorous, you can adorn your feet or arms. In the summer you really have a lot of options since so much of you is showing!
When fall comes around the body jewels that will work best will be for your hands, ears and head. Hand body jewels are similar to gloves or drape around multiple fingers. Ear body jewelry mimics the idea from the hand and finds intricate ways to wrap around the curves of your ears. Head jewelry is the most wearable anytime, no matter what season, and looks great on anyone.
In the winter r the best way to wear your body jewelry will be over your clothes.
Try this new accessory out and see if you like how much attention it will bring to you instead of your outfits.

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