Fault In Cables And How To Locate Them?

Fault In Cables And How To Locate Them?

Cables are used to transfer the power from one station to another station. There are many methods for transferring of cables among stations from the source stations. Several safety measures and precautions have to take for sending the wiring connection. It’s a difficult task to create the layout for the cable connection beneath the surface. You have to follow the certain laws and safety measures for handling the connection and it should be handled by the experience person.

Types of Cable Faults

  • Open Circuit Faults

It occurs as a result of conductor breaking or conductor pulled out of joints. In these conditions there is no connection at the two ends and the connection gets open.

  • Short Circuit or Cross Faults

If the connection between the two cables or the connection between the multi cable get damaged due  to some reasons at such situations the current will not  flow through the main core instead it flows from the one core to the other core or one core to multi core and the load will be short circuited.

  • Ground or Earth Faults

It occurs when the insulation of the cable gets damaged. The current will start flowing from the core of the earth instead of flowing through the load.

Different tests are done to find out the fault in the cable connection.

  • Blavier Test.
  • Loop Tests to finding Cable faults.
  • Murray loop Test
  • Varley loop Test.
  • Earth Overlap Test.
  • Open Circuit Test.
  • Potential Fall Test.

The work of finding the faults in the circuit are carried out by the proficient electrician and they are given the enough training to carry out these tasks. New apprenticeship electrician can’t handle this task. They have to work under the journeyman electricians then, after that they will get enough knowledge to handle these issues. You have to do regular check in your home to ensure that your home is electrically safe or not. Not only in residential area, it’s very vital to do this check up in the industrial or commercial area for ensuring that your area is electrically  safe. Because if the opening there in the cable, then it will directly affect the life of the people as in cables direct current will flow through them and it won’t leave the people until it sucks the entire blood of the person if no one is there at the side of the victim.

So in order to overcome this, people generally hire the electricians from the reputed company where they will provide the warranty service  to the people. And they provide the additional service if the cable gets any damage in the middle of the cable or any burn out. They follow all the safety measures and the latest techniques to create the layout for designing the route map for the cabling. Electrician Sydney CBD helps you in providing the electrical service of any type, analyze the problem and fix them.