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    Publish Projects Instantly

    Your project is continuously saved to the cloud, so you can instantly publish your project to the web. No more waiting weeks for app store approvals.

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    Free Project Hosting

    Whether you’re on a Personal, Pro or Business account, we’ll host your projects and all your assets for free.

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    Embed and Share Easily

    Post our responsive 3D player on your website, blog and share on social media. It’s just like embedding a YouTube video.

Turn any 3D file into an interactive presentation

Import 3D models and animations into Verold Studio or upload directly using our publisher plugins for Blender, 3ds Max, ZBrush, or Revit.

  • Multiple Models Per Scene

    Verold supports FBX, OBJ, Collada, PLY, STL files.

  • Animation for 3D Models

    Bring your models to life by importing your animations.

  • Audio and Video Assets

    Easily integrate audio and video files into your projects.

  • Compatible Files Across Browsers

    We convert your assets to make sure they work in all browsers.

Customize materials, environment and lighting

Right out of the box, Verold Studio makes it easy to customize your scene, while giving you the tools to customize further to get the look you want.

  • Powerful Material Editor

    Preset material types provide the functionality you need - from simple materials to sophisticated effects like realistic skin and two tone car paint.

  • Customizable Environment

    Set a ground plane and skybox to customize your scene. Use your own or find skyboxes, materials and more in the Community Asset Library.

  • Intuitive Lighting System

    Bake lighting from your 3D tools, or use Verold’s real-time, physically-based lighting system to get the look you want.

  • Physically Based Rendering

    Verold supports PBR lighting, which more closely models how light actually reflects from a surface when compared to traditional computer graphics lighting.

  • Dynamic Cameras

    Easily add and position two types of cameras: Orbiting and Free camera. Or use both and show multiple angles in your scene using Shots.

  • Scene Filters

    Add Instagram-like rendering filters to enhance your scene, like bloom, vignette, sepia, depth-of-field (DOF) and screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO).

Engaging animation and interactivity

Verold’s built-in components give you powerful interactivity within minutes.

  • Animation

    Drag and drop your FBX animations into the editor and easily apply them to your models.

  • Annotations

    Annotations are a great way to add descriptions to parts of your scenes and models. Easily customize the color of the text and pin.

  • Event Handler

    Trigger animations and actions (like material color and camera movements) based on events like hover, mouse click, keypress or the start of a Shot.

  • Exploder

    Explode models and hierarchies into different formations: a circular layout, a square grid, or positional scaling.

  • Shots

    Create interactive presentations by using cameras to showcase different elements of your scene.

Share and collaborate on projects instantly

Add collaborators to your project and work together at the same time. Publishing and embedding your project on your site or blog is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. The 3D player is responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop.

  • Collaborate With Others

    Add other Verold members to work on your project with you simultaneously. Share design comments and ideas via the in-editor chat system.

  • Community Gallery

    Share your projects in the public community gallery and find inspiration in what others have created.

  • Share Privately

    Prefer to only share your project with a select few? Private projects won’t be listed in the community gallery and you can choose who sees them.

Enterprise Licensing

Get all the power of Verold Studio, plus access to the Developer API for customization and integration with your web content.

Share the happiness

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Hallmark has used the Verold Engine to bring interactive 3D magic to their 'Northpole' movie microsite.

Visit project: ShareTheHappiness.tv

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