Features Of A Good Pocket Holster

Pocket holsters can be referred to as a small size holster that is used to carry weapons that are small in a jacket, trouser or even shirt. These pocket holders are normally made from three materials which include nylon, leather and kydex. Leather is the most common type of material used to make IWB holster, flash bang holster, concealed holster among others.  Even though the primary material may be leather but it can be differentiated in terms of soft as well as stiff leather which is rather very thick as well as heavy.
Nylon is also another good material that is used in the production of pocket holsters but most times they are priced lower than leather because they are not able to handle the rigorous activities that the pocket holster has to go through.  Another material Kydex, is also used to make concealed carry holster that is thin but still stronger than leather. However, among all these materials leather still leads the pack, even for holsters for women who want to find holsters that blend in with their colour for clothes.

The features of pocket holsters are varied and each of them brings out the importance of having them as part of the wardrobe. They share similar features with IWB holster, flash bang holster, holsters for women among others. Some of the most common features of these types of holsters include the release device that is found in most holsters and is essential in the drawing of the weapon from the pocket either with a hook or through friction. Another feature is that the holster should be concealed at all times depending on the size of the firearm. The best type of firearm used to carry in pocket holsters is handguns that are small in size.
Pocket holsters are used for a variety of functions and are designed in such as way such as those done by IWB holster. Some of the most highlighted functions of pocket holsters include the provision of a place that is safe for the weapon. Furthermore, the use of the pocket holster ensures that no debris reaches the weapon and the trigger is well covered as well.  When the weapon is stored in a pocket holster, it makes it easier for the owner to have access to it within a short time. Also, the weapon is properly concealed when using pocket holsters as there is no outline on the trouser that it is to be hooked on. Lastly, the deployment from the holster to the hand should be easy to access.
Nevertheless, not every holster used for the pocket has all the features that are needed with some lacking in one way or another. Therefore, it is important to shop around and carefully consider a holster before making a decision to purchase it. If possible, a buyer should carry the weapon that he or she is going to use with the holster and test it out before making a purchase whether online or at a retail store.
This guest post was written by James L. on behalf of Ultimate Concealed Carry , a leading supplier of pocket holsters.