Feeling Back Pain? 4 Possible Reasons For The Discomfort

Feeling Back Pain? 4 Possible Reasons For The Discomfort

While your forbearers may have led lives of quiet desperation, characteristics defining your life likely include too many quiet hours sitting in a chair while staring at a computer screen. Occasionally you seize a spare moment to squeeze in some strenuous exercise. Your intake includes liters of soft drinks as water provides no caffeine, a substance allowing your time at the computer screen to lengthen. If this description is all too familiar, you may want to review these potential reasons for back pain.

Sitting Too Long Each Day

Sources from the Business Insider to the Washington Post estimate about 75 percent of Americans spend between six and 10 hours every day sitting down. Usually, sitting includes hunching over a computer or other machines that demand concentrated attention uninterrupted by standing upright.

If your daily life makes it so that you fall within the 75 percent leading sedentary lifestyles, your back pain is unlikely to improve continuing this practice. Poor posture while sitting combined with chairs not designed for ergonomic effect leads to increased risk of back and neck pain.

Herniated Disks Are Painful

Sudden, traumatic injuries or performing chronic, repetitive tasks are two contributors to herniated discs. Either one has the capability to leave you writhing on the floor with unrelenting pain. Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates lists some common symptoms associated with a herniated disc diagnosis—weakened muscles, numbness to various body parts on a random basis, a stinging sensation around the ruptured disc, and pain when you are standing or sitting down. Those are just few of the maladies affecting a person nursing a herniated disc.

If one or more discs in your back or neck is herniated, it means that the pad cushioning your vertebrae ruptured. No matter what caused this condition, it is important to see a neurologist as nerve pain and damage often extends to other body parts, including your leg and foot.

Kidney Infections Can Cause Back Pain

Sudden, stabbing pain in your lower back may have nothing to do with your back itself. Often manifested in the right side of your lower back, a kidney infection or stone could very well be causing your low back pain.

Risk factors for kidney infections include waiting too long to urinate, low water intake and consuming sugary fluids that allow growth of thriving bacteria present in kidney infections.

Sporadic Periods of Physical Exercise

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is not a choice you likely live as a willing participant. Frustrated with sitting constantly, you may agree to your buddy’s suggestion to participate in a vigorous weightlifting session.

Back muscles weakened by extended periods of disuse will protest when required to exercise. Stretched, pulled or damaged back muscles and vertebrae may result. Incorporate increased exercise with common sense and do not forget proper warm up lessens your chance of injury.