Feeling The Demand? How To Decrease Your Anxiety At Work & Stay Productive

Feeling The Demand? How To Decrease Your Anxiety At Work & Stay Productive

No matter what time of year it is there always seems to be some sort of stress causer going on at work or home. Well, to overcome these stresses and anxiety there are all kinds of things you can do. Most things you can do to eliminate anxiety and be more productive can be applied to work or home life. The tips in this article will be geared towards reducing anxiety at work and being more productive, but don’t think if you don’t find something listed here that it won’t help.

Sleep Better

Getting good sleep is important for reducing anxiety at work. This may not seem related to work though because hopefully, you aren’t sleeping on the job unless you are a mattress tester. The reason though that a good night’s rest is important for your work productivity is the brain needs to be reset to be able to focus on the new task each day. This may be hard because suffering from anxiety can affect sleep, but you can fight this issue by laying down sooner and letting your brain wind down before bed. After a few nights of good sleep, you should start seeing improvements in anxiety levels, ability to sleep and productivity.


Having a messy work area can make it seem like things are never-ending. That is why it is a good idea to try to keep your desk or office organized. Also, by having things organized you can find things when you need them. This means you won’t stress out about not being able to find stuff which will also reduce your anxiety levels. If you have let your work area get out of hand, then it may seem like a daunting task to get it reorganized. It doesn’t have to be a challenge though. Just spend 10 or 15 minutes each day till you get things back in order. Focus on one section of your desk or office each time and break things down into a smaller task. This will help it seem like not so much and as you see progress it will reduce anxiety and help you be motivated to move to the next part.

Use Relaxing Smells

Another way to reduce anxiety is thru your sense of smell. The brain associates smell with all kinds of emotions. There is bound to be a smell out there that makes you feel good or feel relaxed. For some people, this may be a calming lavender smell or for others, it may be the smell of fresher baked cookies. No matter what the smell may be there are essential oil diffusers that can provide the smell. You just plug them into an outlet and put them wherever you want in the room. As they warm up they release the smell of choice. The cool thing is, if you get tired of the current smell, then you can change the oil in them so you can always have a fresh calming smell for you.


The last thing we will cover in this article is visualizing, but there are so many other great anxieties reducing options that you can read about at Greatist. With visualizing though whenever you are faced with anxiety or a stressed you think about positive things. You take the time to breathe right and think of solutions instead of stressing out. You imagine being successful and overcoming the problem at hand. By visualizing it helps guide the brain in the right direction which sets you up to avoid failure. Also, by thinking about the issue it helps you break it down into a smaller task, so you realize the problem isn’t as big of a problem as you might have first thought.

No matter what is causing you anxiety there are ways to overcome it. Some are really simple things that you can implement in your everyday life. Once you start doing these things habits will form and it will become second nature. When that becomes the case you will see your anxiety decrease and your productivity increase.